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This is a collaborative development area for ejabberd module developers and users.

Those modules are not officially supported by ProcessOne.

For users

To use an ejabberd module coming from this repository:

  • You need to have ejabberd installed.

  • If you have not already done it, run ejabberdctl modules_update_specs to retrieve the list of available modules.

  • Run ejabberdctl module_install <module> to get the source code and to compile and install the beam file into ejabberd's module search path. This path is either ~/.ejabberd-modules or defined by the CONTRIB_MODULES_PATH setting in ejabberdctl.cfg.

  • Edit the configuration file provided in the conf directory of the installed module and update it to your needs. Or, if you prefer so, configure it in your main ejabberd configuration file.

  • Run ejabberdctl module_uninstall <module> to remove a module from ejabberd.

For developers

The following organization has been set up for the development:

  • Development and compilation of modules is done by ejabberd. You need ejabberd installed. Use ejabberdctl module_check <module> to ensure it compiles correctly before committing your work. The sources of your module must be located in $CONTRIB_MODULES_PATH/sources/<module>.

  • Compilation can by done manually (if you know what you are doing) so you don't need ejabberd running:

    cd /path/of/module
    mkdir ebin
    /path/of/ejabberd's/erlc \
       -o ebin \
       -I include -I /path/of/ejabberd/lib/ejabberd-XX.YY/include \
  • The module directory structure is usually the following:

    • README.txt: Module description.
    • COPYING: License for the module.
    • doc/: Documentation directory.
    • src/: Erlang source directory.
    • lib/: Elixir source directory.
    • priv/msgs/: Directory with translation files (pot, po and msg).
    • conf/<module>.yml: Configuration for your module.
    • <module>.spec: Yaml description file for your module.
  • Module developers should note in the README.txt file whether the module has requirements or known incompatibilities with other modules.

  • If your module project contains several erlang modules, you should export a function pre_uninstall/0 in the main one listing the other ones. See mod_statsdx as an example.

Broken modules

This is the list of modules that are known to be broken with latest ejabberd master branch.

If you feel they are worth it, your help to fix them is welcome:

  • atom_pubsub: "Provides access to all PEP nodes via an AtomPub interface."
  • ircd: "This is an IRC server frontend to ejabberd."
  • mod_archive: "Message Archiving (XEP-0136)."
  • mod_irc: "IRC transport."
  • mod_mam_mnesia: This feature got included in ejabberd 15.06
  • mod_openid: "Transform the Jabber Server in an openid provider."
  • mod_profile: "User Profile (XEP-0154) in Mnesia table."


Growing and curated ejabberd contributions repository - PR or ask to join !






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