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Resources recommended by members of our community. We welcome contributions, so feel free to send us pull requests adding things to the list! The resources in this list automatically get pushed to the page.

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Search words: c-sharp, csharp


Search words: cpp

  • 🆓📘 Language Reference — A reference for the C/C++ programming languages.
  • 🆓📘 C++ Core Guidelines — Best practices and recommendations for how to write C++, from the creators of the language.
  • 🆓🌐 The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List — A list of recommended books for learning C++, ordered by skill level.
  • 🆓📘 C++ FAQ — The FAQ about C++ on /r/learnprogramming.
  • 🆓🌐 #include <C++> Discord#include <C++> is a global, inclusive, and diverse community for developers interested in C++.


  • 🆓 — Free tutorials covering all of C++, for learners of all experience levels.
  • 💲🎥 PluralSight C++ Path — High-quality beginner and intermediate videos from Kate Gregory and others. 10-day free trial, with some ways to get an extended trial. Some companies offer free PluralSight accounts to employees as a benefit.
  • 🆓🎓 C++ For Programmers — A Udacity course designed for students who are familiar with a programming language and wish to learn C++.


  • 🆓🎥 The Cherno's C++ videos — Highly popular YouTube videos teaching C++.
  • 🆓🎥 OneLoneCoder — Videos teaching C++ using a simple game engine that's easy for beginners to use.
  • 🆓🎥 C++ Weekly with Jason Turner — Weekly video series teaching varied modern C++ topics.
  • 🆓🎥 CppCon conference talks — The best video presentations the C++ community has to offer. Most content is not beginner material, but may still be of interest to beginners.


  • 🆓🎙 CppCast — Weekly podcast with C++ expert guests, covering C++ community news and varied topics.
  • 🆓🎙🎥 — Live semi-regular podcast with C++ expert guests, less structured than CppCast.
  • 🆓🎙 No Diagnostic Required — Monthly C++ news podcast by Phil Nash and Anastasia Kazakova from JetBrains.
  • 🆓🎙 Two's Complement — Programming podcast by Matt Godbolt and Ben Rady.
  • 🆓🎙 Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs — An informal podcast by Bryce Lelbach and Conor Hoekstra about algorithms, programming, and whatever the hosts feel like.



  • 🆓🎓 Java Programming — MOOC taught with Java, part I & II (University of Helsinki).


Search words: JS, ES5, ES6, ES2017

  • 🆓📘 Eloquent JavaScript — Free to Read Online: A Modern Introduction to Programming.
  • 🆓📘 MDN Reference — A community wiki with a JavaScript reference section, including compatibility charts.
  • 🆓📘 JS The Right Way — An overview of JS with a list of additional resources.
  • 🆓🎓 — A tutorial on the new features in Javascript.
  • 🆓📘 You Don't Know JS — Free JS book series written by Kyle Simpson.




Search words: Cascading Style Sheets



  • 🆓📘 CSS Reference — A visual representation of all native CSS3 rules.




  • 🆓📘 PSR — A collection of community-made standards and best practices for PHP.



  • 🆓📘 Automate the Boring Stuff by Al Sweigart — An introduction to the language focused on showing how Python can help you with tasks around the office today.
  • 🆓📘 Think Python 2E — Covers the Python language and thinking like a programmer in detail. Good supplement to what Automate the Boring Stuff does not cover.
  • 🆓📘 Hitchhiker's Guide to Python — A great guide to learning Python practices, setting up dev environments, packaging, and a lot of other information you're unlikely to learn from a guide or even unlikely to learn without hard experience.
  • 🆓🎓 MIT 6.00X MOOC (OCW version)— Introduction to CS and programming using Python.
  • 🆓🎓 Georgia Tech CS 1301X MOOC — Introduction to computing in Python. Easier and longer than MIT's and focuses more on Python.
  • 💲📘 Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes — A project-based introduction to Python. Covers the basics of Python, PyGame, data analysis with graphing, and Django.
  • 🆓🎥 Corey Schafer on Youtube — Useful Youtube channel with plenty of good quality tutorials.
  • 🆓📘 Python Names and Values Article & talk on Youtube about names, values, assignment, and mutability.
  • 🆓🎥 Sentdex on Youtube — YouTube introduction to Python with a focus on "basics are boring; learn them quickly and build something."
  • 🆓📘 Official Python Tutorial — The tutorial from the official Python docs.
  • 🆓📘 A Byte of Python — Detailed overview of Python syntax and OOP basics with solid examples and explanations.


  • 🆓🎙 Talk Python to Me by Michael Kennedy — A weekly discussion about a Python project you should know about, usually with their developers.








Search words: Ruby on Rails




  • 🆓📘 The Rust Book — It contains pretty much everything you need to know about Rust.
  • 🆓📘 Rust By Example — A nice tutorial for people who already know how to program.
  • 🆓📘 The Little Book of Rust Macros — Everything you need to know about macros.
  • 🆓📘 Rust Documentation — List of useful Rust documentations, such as: The Rust Language Reference & The standard library API.
  • 🆓📘 The Rustonomicon — The Dark Arts of Advanced and Unsafe Rust Programming.
  • 🆓📘 Rustdoc Guide — A short guide on rustdoc and how to use it.
  • 🆓🌐 Awesome Rust — A huge list of the best crates and tools you could possibly think of!
  • 🆓🌐 Rust Books — A collection of books related to Rust.
  • 🆓🎓 Discovery — An "introductory course" on microcontroller-based "embedded systems" using Rust.



  • 🆓🌐 SQLBolt — An interactive SQL tutorial.
  • 🆓🌐 SQL Cheat Sheet — A SQL cheatsheet (MySQL oriented)

Language Agnostic

Data Structures & Algorithms

Search words: DSA


Search words: UI, UX, design


  • 🆓🎮 Learn Git Branching — Interactive introduction to Git branching and workflow.
  • 🆓📘 Pro Git — A start-to-finish book on how to use and understand Git.
  • 🆓📘 Flight rules for git — What to do when things go wrong.


Machine Learning

Search words: ML, Data Science

Warning: Some of these resources are heavy in Mathematics



  • 💲📘 Strang's Introduction to Linear Algebra — Gilbert Strang's excellent book on introductory linear algebra, excellent place to start on Machine learning.
  • 🆓🎓 MIT's 18.06 - Linear Algebra — Strang's introductory linear algebra course taught in MIT, with all the lectures and resources available online through OpenCourseWare.
  • 🆓🎥 Essence of Linear Algebra — Revolutionary series by Grant Sanderson that focuses on building geometric intuition and understanding of concepts in linear algebra. Extremely useful skill to have. Best paired with a resource that goes over rigorous computation involved in linear algebra, like one of Strang's resources.
  • 💲📘 Stewart's Calculus series — Excellent series of books that go through the Calculus sequence that many CS/Engineering/Science students have to go through.
  • 🆓🎥 Essence of Calculus — Another fantastic series on building geometric intuition, this time on Calculus. Again, best paired with a rigorous academic resource.

Mobile Development

  • 🆓🎥 Android Basics — A video series on how to develop Android applications by Google (check out the course description for full list of courses).
  • 🆓📘 Android Developer Guides — The official documentation on how Android platform works.

Open Source


  • 🆓🎙 #causeascene — A show focused on the strategic anti-racist disruption of the status quo in technical orgs, communities & events.
  • 🆓🎙 Ladybug Podcast — An all lady-hosted tech podcast for all developers.
  • 🆓🎙 Programming Throwdown — Every show covers a new programming language and assorted tech topics.
  • 🆓🎙 Coding Blocks — Pragmatic talk about software design best practices: design patterns, software architecture, performance, object oriented programming, and more.
  • 🆓🎙 Coder Radio by Jupiter Broadcasting — Weekly discussion about software development and related technologies. (retired)
  • 🆓🎙 Talk Python to Me by Michael Kennedy — Interview podcast that brings on guests working on niche Python projects you should be aware of.
  • 🆓🎙 whiletruefm — Technology discussion podcast formed by ProgDisc users. (retired)

Software Architecture


A good test (by samwho):

  1. Tests functionality in your code, not the framework or language you're using.
  2. Tests for a single thing and a single thing only.
  3. Will not break when the implementation of what's being tested is changed.
  4. Does not depend on anything from the outside world, and leaves nothing behind when it's done.
  • 💲📘 Beautiful Testing — A series of essays that break down testing as a philosophy, as a process, and as aided by good tools.



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Resources recommended by members of our community. We welcome contributions, so feel free to send us pull requests adding things to the list! The resources in this list automatically get pushed to the page.




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