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Python Snippets

🐍 Python snippets of examples, to learn things and to make task easier.


  • string_import.py example to show import module from string
  • classtools.py assorted class utilities and tools
  • formats.py various specialized string display formatting utilities.
  • mydir.py a module that lists the namespaces of other module
  • mymap.py different ways of implementing map
  • myzip.py different ways of implementing zip
  • permute.py implemented permute
  • reloadall.py transitively reload nested module
  • scramble.py a iterable scrambler
  • streams.py give me reader, writer and a converter
  • timer.py Homegrown timing tools for function calls.
  • timer2.py Homegrown timing tools for function calls.
  • timer3.py Homegrown timing tools for function calls.
  • classtree.py Climb inheritance tree using namespace links, displaying higher superclasses with indentation for height
  • listinstance.py Mix-in class that provides a formatted print() or str()
  • listinherited.py Mix-in class that provides a formatted print() or str() (Use dir() to collect both instance attr and names inherited from its classes)
  • listinherited2.py Same as listinherited.py, but more formatted
  • listtree.py Trace the entire class and all its object's attrs at and above self
  • mapattrs.py Map all attributes on or inherited by an instance to the instance or class from which they are inherited.


Open an issue or a pull request to suggest changes or additions.


Abdul Moiz


To the extent possible under law, Abdul Moiz has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Snippets.

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