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Project Inra

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Inra Server is a set of JavaScript libraries for creating back-end solutions on a higher level of abstraction. This project is very experimental, as it brings to life patterns very rarely seen in Node.js such as inversion of control, dependency injectors, autoloaders.

Note: documentation and examples for each package are published on our Wiki and their respectives READMEs. Please, refer to those resources for installation details and API references.


Inra Server is written using ES2015 modules. Create a custom bundle using your preferred bundler. To import Inra into your application, just import Inra modules that you need.

Note: some packages such as inra-server-http are incompatible with Webpack, as Webpack doesn't support dynamic imports.

List of packages

Package Version Dependencies
inra-server-container npm Dependency Status
inra-server-http npm Dependency Status
inra-server-error npm Dependency Status
inra-server-sequelize npm Dependency Status
inra-server-socket npm Dependency Status



Project Inra was created and developed by Bartosz Łaniewski. The full list of contributors can be found here. Each package is MIT licensed, except for packages that provide a different LICENSE file.

Bug reporting

Github Open Issues Github Closed Issues Github Pull Requests

We want contributing to Inra Server to be fun, enjoyable, and educational for anyone, and everyone. Changes and improvements are more than welcome! Feel free to fork and open a pull request. If you have found any issues, please report them here - they are being tracked on GitHub Issues.


A set of modules for Node.js servers suitable for any kind of applications. Provides a higher level of abstraction, syntactic sugar and a lot of utility modules.





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