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This built-in library provides methods for querying OWL ABox axioms using the SQWRL query language. This built-in library is one of the three SWRLAPI OWL axiom querying libraries and can be used in combination with the TBox and RBox built-in libraries to query all OWL axiom types in an ontology.

Note that these built-ins query only asserted axioms.

This library defines the following built-ins:

  • caa Class assertion axiom. e.g., abox:caa(Person, ?i)
  • sia Same individual axiom. e.g., abox:sia(henry, ?i)
  • dia Different individuals axiom. e.g., abox:dia(henry, bob)
  • opaa Object property assertion axiom. e.g., abox:opaa(henry, ?p, bob)
  • nopaa Negative object property assertion axiom. e.g., abox:nopaa(henry, ?p, bob)
  • dpaa Data property assertion axiom. e.g., abox:dpaa(?i, hasAge, 13)
  • ndpaa Negative data property assertion axiom. e.g., abox:ndpaa(?i, hasAge, 13)


List all data properties with a boolean value of true:

    abox:dpaa(?s, ?p, true) -> sqwrl:select(?p)

List all values of data properties hasAge:

    abox:dpaa(?s, hasAge, ?v) -> sqwrl:select(?v)