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A number of built-in libraries are provided by the SWRLAPI. These include:

  • Core SWRL Built-Ins Library Contains implementations for the core built-ins defined by the SWRL Submission. It is documented here.
  • SQWRL Built-In Library Contains a set of built-ins that extend SWRL to SQWRL. It is documented here.
  • Temporal Built-Ins Library Defines a set of built-ins that can be used to perform temporal operations. It is documented here.
  • Mathematical Expressions Built-Ins Library Defines built-ins that can be used to evaluate complex mathematical expressions in SWRL rules. It is documented here.
  • OWL Axiom Built-In Libraries A set of built-ins libraries that can be used to query OWL axioms. They are documented here.
  • Extensions Built-ins Library Defines some experimental built-ins that can be used to increase the expressivity of SWRL. It is documented here.

New SWRL built-in libraries can be defined by developers using the SWRL BuiltIn Bridge.