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@bubnikv bubnikv released this Mar 17, 2019 · 1040 commits to master since this release

Slic3r Prusa Edition Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-beta


This is a first public beta release succeeding multiples of the Slic3r PE 1.42.0 alphas. Compared to the current stable Slic3r PE 1.41.3 release, the Slic3r PE 1.42.0-beta features a significantly reworked user interface, new masked SLA support, improved stability and a lot more. Please check the detailed change log of the 1.42.0-alpha1 release for all the major changes, and don't miss the change logs of the successive alphas for incremental improvements upon the first alpha: 1.42.0-alpha3, 1.42.0-alpha4, 1.42.0-alpha5 and 1.42.0-alpha7.

New features with respect to Slic3r PE 1.42.0-alpha7

SLA improvements

  • Stability of SLA supports has been further improved by smarter interconnecting of support pillars. Support pillars are now interconnected everywhere, not only those connected directly to the build platform.
  • Single long self standing support pillars are now complemented by another one or two additional pillars for better stability.
  • It is now possible to change diameter of individual support head tips or group of support points for stronger support to object bonding.
  • For support points not directly above the build platform, the support generator now tries to find a path to the build platform to avoid scarring of the object surface.
  • Support points displayed in the 3D scene are now augmented with cones perpendicular to the object surface, so the support points are easier to spot.
  • "Supports on build platform only" option may now be selected at the Plater.

Command line processing

#1582 #1676 #1805 #1827

The 1.42.0-beta command line processing is based on the upstream code by @alexrj and @lordofhyphens. The command line format is as described by with some exceptions:

  • instead of --help-options we have --help-fff and --help-sla
  • we have an additional parameter --loglevel to configure severity of messages printed out to the console
  • we support --export-sla, not --export-sla-svg or --export-svg
  • we don't support --cut-grid --cut-x --cut-y --autosave

As may be expected, the Slic3r 1.42.0-beta loads the profiles from an AMF or 3MF file when slicing from the command line, and the individual slicing parameters specified on command line overwrite those imported from the AMF or 3MF file.

Other new features

  • The two "Slice now" & "Export" buttons are now merged into a single button, changing its text and purpose based on the slicing status.
  • Parts of a multi-part object are now clipped by each other in the order they are presented at the object list #1551.
  • The Bonjour Host discovery dialog filters away print hosts not compatible with the active printer technology. Namely, only SL1 printers are shown for the SLA technology, and no SL1 printers are shown for the FFF technology.
  • Added "Export object as STL" menu item to the object list context menu.
  • The G-code legend is now painted over a transparent background to improve readability.
  • One can now set extruder on multiple items at once from the object pop up menu #1940.
  • For the side views (views with the print bed perpendicular to the screen), panning an object up and down now moves the object along the world Z axis.
  • The standard error output produced by the post processing scripts is now being collected and showed by Slic3r in case the post-processing script returns non zero. This currently works on OSX and Linux, Windows implementation is pending #1908.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed an issue, where a change of print host configuration was accepted first after Slic3r restart #1687.
  • Fixed misalignment of print paths in the G-code preview for multi-extruder setups #1812.
  • Linux / AppImage specific: The PYTHONPATH / PERLLIB environment variables are no more overwritten by the AppImage, so the system wide Perl / Python interpreter may be used by the post processing scripts #1831.
  • Fixed execution of post processing scripts with parameters on Linux / OSX. The post processing scripts are now being executed through the default shell, which takes care of the command line parameter parsing #1832.
  • Improved Bonjour complience. Some Bonjour devices, namely @probonopd's ESP8266 solution, were not discovered) #1864.
  • Fixed one more regression issue worsening handling of broken models compared to the Slicer PE 1.41.3 #1869 #1920 #1960.
  • Fixed excessive discretization of the Archimedean infill pattern, causing huge G-files and slicing times #1871.
  • Fixed a regression issue, where a modified Print profile was being reset to the last saved state in case another Printer profile was selected, which was compatible with the active Print profile #1891.
  • Fixed scrolling of the selected item in the object list, for example after changing an object extruder #1902.
  • Fixed scroll wheel behavior on the layer selection scroll bar #1913.
  • Fixed an issue, where after all but the last volume were deleted, the parameter overrides of the only volume left were no more accessible through the user interface. Now the configuration of the last remaining volume is moved to the object level #1931.
  • Fixed rotation of multiple volumes in the 3D scene. The rotation gizmo was being rendered in a plane different from the plane where it actually rotated.
  • Fixed insufficient overlap of the wipe tower brim lines.
  • Fixed profile selection after the Configuration Wizard closes. Now the preset active before the wizard is re-activated.
  • When adding configuration overrides to an object or a volume, these overrides were initialized from the hard coded defaults. Now they are initialized with values of an active profile.
  • Fixed a bug, where a bounding box volume instead of a real volume of the object was shown at the side bar.
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