WordPress must-use plugin adding useful functions to WP developers.
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Dev tools by Mosaika

A collection of useful functions used when developing WordPress themes and plugins.

Feel free to use and contribute!

Utility functions

Write in debug log

MSK::debug( [ 'something' => 12 ] )

Write something (string, object, array... anything!) in wp-content/debug.log

Pretty print

MSK::pp( [ 'something' => 12 ] )

Debug something (string, object, array... anything!) on screen.

Inspect hooks

MSK::inspect_hooks( [ 'woocommerce', 'order' ] );

List all the functions (and their file location) triggered by specific hooks. If you want to inspect all the hooks containing multiple words, pass an array. The example above will list all functions hooked to a hook that contains woocommerce AND order in its name.