jQuery-like DOM utility targeting IE9+. Small, fast, light.
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What is psQuery?

psQuery is a jQuery-like DOM library. It aims to cover just the 'core' jQuery use cases (CSS, ajax, DOM) using 'modern' native methods (JSON, document.querySelectorAll, etc) so that it can be fast and light. In some ways it was inspired by Zepto.js but with IE9+ compatibility in mind. It does this all in less than 2kb gzipped+minified.

psQuery targets most non-deprecated methods from the jQuery 2.1+ API except for these:

  • Deferred
  • Effects
  • Animation
  • Custom jQuery Selectors (e.g. :eq, :has, etc)
  • Most event shorthands

How to use

psQuery can be embedded in a page just like jQuery. e.g. <script src="psQuery.js"></script>

Try it out

You can try it for development without even downloading it by leveraging the great Rawgit service. This code will always embed the latest version of psQuery: <script src='https://rawgit.com/pseudosavant/psQuery/master/src/psQuery.min.js'></script>.

psQuery is WIP

psQuery is a work-in-progress. So far only the core ajax, CSS, and some DOM methods are supported. If there is something that isn't working for you then drop me a line, or even better, a pull request.


psQuery is open-source and uses the MIT license