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bluemsx port for PlayStation 4 with liborbis
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msxorbis a bluemsx port for PlayStation 4

What does this do?

msxorbis is a MSX emulator for PlayStation 4 using liborbis based on bluemsx and blueBerryMSX

You can get all information about it at:

This software have been done using the following open source tools:

Change log

  • 18/05/2019 Initial release for MSX RU06 Sevilla


  • Daniel Vik and all people who wrote the original bluemsx emulator
  • Akop Karapetyan for blueberryMSX port
  • Hitodama for his incredible work with ps4sdk the one and only
  • flatz to bring a lot of fun with gl stuff
  • @frangar, @xerpi @theflow0 and rest of people involved in vitasdk for their incredible work on Vita, it helped me a lot :P Some parts of liborbis are based on their work
  • @masterzorag for freetype and orbisfreetype-gl port and all samples for orbisgl and liborbis
  • All people who have been using liborbis
  • All ps3dev and ps2dev old comrades
  • @ZiL0G80 and @notzecoxao for sharing some stuff with me
  • All msx users, special mention to people in the 6th Msx's Users Meeting at Sevilla who must be testing this on site. @konamiman You should show this to Mr Nishi :P
  • Hideo Kojima and Sony source of inspiration and dreams and for more than 35 years of playing and coding with Sony devices
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