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ptal on Travis CI

Please consult the AbSolute book for research, tutorial and general information.

This fork is a lighter but cleaned version of the initial project. Features that have been removed might be reintroduced later if we need them.

AbSolute is a constraint solver based on abstract domains from the theory of abstract interpretation. It implements the solving method presented in: "A Constraint Solver Based on Abstract Domains".

AbSolute is still in developpement, and have not been fully tested. Feel free to fill an issue or contact any member of the developpement team if you want to report a bug or suggest a feature.

Contributors: Marie Pelleau, Ghiles Ziat, Alexandre Marechal, Pierre Talbot, Antoine Miné, Charlotte Truchet. Supported by ANR CoVerif.

Build the AbSolute book

You might want to build the book from the repository because you need it to be synchronized with a specific version of AbSolute or simply for offline usage. Download the utility mdbook:

curl -sSf | sh
cargo install mdbook

Once installed, execute make book. The manual is generated inside a local folder named doc/book and is directly opened in your browser.


Constraint solver based on abstract interpretation







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