Doodle with strangers on InterWeb!
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Doodle with strangers on InterWeb!

This is a very simple multi-user doodling web app, using PubNub real-time network JavaScript API, that enable you to draw on the canvas with strangers.

This little toy app also supports multiple inputs methods by using mouse, touch, and pointer events do the app is supported on desktop and touch-screen devices, including iOS and Android phones and tablet, and Windows 8 devices.


Try it now!

If nobody else is present, try launching the URL on multiple tabs/browsers/devices and try doodling on all browser windows.


With PubNub History API

Also, there is another demo with the history() API, which preloads the past 50 drowing strokes, while the first demo starts with a fresh canvas.

Try it now!


I wrote an article about this demo! If you want to see how I created, check it out on PubNub blog :-) And the sequel tutorial too!