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@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens released this 28 Jan 06:06

Big changes

  • Chromium 80.0.3987.0 (r722234)
  • The launcher now has an option to run Puppeteer with different browsers, starting with Firefox (#5137). Puppeteer can now talk to a real, unpatched Firefox binary (as opposed to the old Juggler-based approach). This is a first step towards eventually deprecating the separate puppeteer-firefox package in favor of supporting Firefox directly in puppeteer itself.

Raw notes

7e7b05a - chore: mark version v2.1.0 + roll to r722234 (#5347)
013a86c - feat(chromium): roll Chromium to r722276 (#5289)
14b2369 - chore: mark puppeteer-firefox version v0.5.1 (#5294)
3a49cfc - chore: move to GitHub hosting for Juggler binaries (#5293)
c7af7de - docs(readme): update link for ndb (#5272)
5e63254 - chore: fix typo in test name (#5217)
80b5c44 - chore: upgrade https-proxy-agent (#5243)
6091a34 - fix: prepare jsHandle.uploadFile for CDP Page.handleFileChooser removal (#5196)
8b49dc6 - fix: don’t disable BlinkGenPropertyTrees anymore (#5159)
f0bf645 - test: reduce flakiness for accessibility tests with autofocus (#5116)
6cc98a7 - docs(troubleshooting): recommend using args for heroku (#5197)
35d5ba5 - feat(launcher): Set default Firefox prefs (#5149) (#5195)
eddb23b - chore: update URLs (#5185)
c5a72e9 - feat(launcher): add option to run Puppeteer with different browsers (#5137)
d17708b - fix(types): publish protocol types to npm (#5174)
fd43f9c - docs(api): fix defaultArgs link (#5126)
5fa28b5 - docs(api): fix typo (#5120)
561c99d - docs(api): prefer async/await over Promise#then (#5089)
aaa904d - docs(contributing): clarify release process
304f4a7 - chore: update .npmignore
7032472 - chore: bump version to v2.0.0-post