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puppet-agent expects a value for struct key #21

Answered by XMol
XMol asked this question in Q&A
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Thanks to all the support found on Puppet Slack! We determined that the issue is not with the input data, nor with the custom Puppet data type or the multipath class, but in fact the ERB template. It processes the hash of multipaths like this:

multipaths {
<% @config['multipaths'].sort { |x, y| x['wwid'] <=> y['wwid'] }.each do |multipath| -%>
  multipath {
    <%-# Start each multipath subsection with the wwid. -%>
    wwid <%= multipath.delete('wwid') %>
    <%- multipath.keys.sort.each do |k| -%>
    <%= k %> <%= multipath[k] %>
    <%- end -%>

<% end -%>

The issue is triggered by multipath.delete('wwid'). It obviously removes the wwid key and value from the hash. And when the t…

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