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Pusher makes communication and collaboration APIs that power apps all over the world supported by easy to integrate SDKs for web, mobile, and backend.


  1. pusher-js pusher-js Public

    Pusher Javascript library

    JavaScript 2k 416

  2. pusher-http-ruby pusher-http-ruby Public

    Ruby library for Pusher Channels HTTP API

    Ruby 662 128

  3. pusher-http-php pusher-http-php Public

    PHP library for interacting with the Pusher Channels HTTP API

    PHP 1.4k 335

  4. pusher-http-python pusher-http-python Public

    Pusher Channels HTTP API library for Python

    Python 372 114

  5. pusher-websocket-java pusher-websocket-java Public

    Pusher Channels client library for Java targeting general Java and Android

    Java 308 146

  6. pusher-websocket-swift pusher-websocket-swift Public

    Pusher Channels websocket library for Swift

    Swift 270 163


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