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import os
import re
import subprocess
import sys
from setuptools import Extension, setup
from setuptools.command.build_ext import build_ext
# Convert distutils Windows platform specifiers to CMake -A arguments
"win32": "Win32",
"win-amd64": "x64",
"win-arm32": "ARM",
"win-arm64": "ARM64",
# A CMakeExtension needs a sourcedir instead of a file list.
# The name must be the _single_ output extension from the CMake build.
# If you need multiple extensions, see scikit-build.
class CMakeExtension(Extension):
def __init__(self, name, sourcedir=""):
Extension.__init__(self, name, sources=[])
self.sourcedir = os.path.abspath(sourcedir)
class CMakeBuild(build_ext):
def build_extension(self, ext):
extdir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(self.get_ext_fullpath(
# required for auto-detection & inclusion of auxiliary "native" libs
if not extdir.endswith(os.path.sep):
extdir += os.path.sep
debug = int(os.environ.get("DEBUG", 0)) if self.debug is None else self.debug
cfg = "Debug" if debug else "Release"
# CMake lets you override the generator - we need to check this.
# Can be set with Conda-Build, for example.
cmake_generator = os.environ.get("CMAKE_GENERATOR", "")
# Set Python_EXECUTABLE instead if you use PYBIND11_FINDPYTHON
# EXAMPLE_VERSION_INFO shows you how to pass a value into the C++ code
# from Python.
cmake_args = [
f"-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE={cfg}", # not used on MSVC, but no harm
build_args = []
# Adding CMake arguments set as environment variable
# (needed e.g. to build for ARM OSx on conda-forge)
if "CMAKE_ARGS" in os.environ:
cmake_args += [item for item in os.environ["CMAKE_ARGS"].split(" ") if item]
# In this example, we pass in the version to C++. You might not need to.
cmake_args += [f"-DEXAMPLE_VERSION_INFO={self.distribution.get_version()}"]
if self.compiler.compiler_type != "msvc":
# Using Ninja-build since it a) is available as a wheel and b)
# multithreads automatically. MSVC would require all variables be
# exported for Ninja to pick it up, which is a little tricky to do.
# Users can override the generator with CMAKE_GENERATOR in CMake
# 3.15+.
if not cmake_generator or cmake_generator == "Ninja":
import ninja # noqa: F401
ninja_executable_path = os.path.join(ninja.BIN_DIR, "ninja")
cmake_args += [
except ImportError:
# Single config generators are handled "normally"
single_config = any(x in cmake_generator for x in {"NMake", "Ninja"})
# CMake allows an arch-in-generator style for backward compatibility
contains_arch = any(x in cmake_generator for x in {"ARM", "Win64"})
# Specify the arch if using MSVC generator, but only if it doesn't
# contain a backward-compatibility arch spec already in the
# generator name.
if not single_config and not contains_arch:
cmake_args += ["-A", PLAT_TO_CMAKE[self.plat_name]]
# Multi-config generators have a different way to specify configs
if not single_config:
cmake_args += [
build_args += ["--config", cfg]
if sys.platform.startswith("darwin"):
# Cross-compile support for macOS - respect ARCHFLAGS if set
archs = re.findall(r"-arch (\S+)", os.environ.get("ARCHFLAGS", ""))
if archs:
cmake_args += ["-DCMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES={}".format(";".join(archs))]
# Set CMAKE_BUILD_PARALLEL_LEVEL to control the parallel build level
# across all generators.
if "CMAKE_BUILD_PARALLEL_LEVEL" not in os.environ:
# self.parallel is a Python 3 only way to set parallel jobs by hand
# using -j in the build_ext call, not supported by pip or PyPA-build.
if hasattr(self, "parallel") and self.parallel:
# CMake 3.12+ only.
build_args += [f"-j{self.parallel}"]
build_temp = os.path.join(self.build_temp,
if not os.path.exists(build_temp):
subprocess.check_call(["cmake", ext.sourcedir] + cmake_args, cwd=build_temp)
subprocess.check_call(["cmake", "--build", "."] + build_args, cwd=build_temp)
# The information here can also be placed in setup.cfg - better separation of
# logic and declaration, and simpler if you include description/version in a file.
author="Dean Moldovan",
description="A test project using pybind11 and CMake",
cmdclass={"build_ext": CMakeBuild},
extras_require={"test": ["pytest>=6.0"]},