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This list tracks compatibility status of third-party packages with PyInstaller.

Most packages will work out of the box with PyInstaller.

This is especially true for pure Python packages and for packages not requiring additional files.

As for the packages in the Python standard library we only list the exceptions that don't work correctly; thus, if not listed, it works correctly.

This list is largely incomplete. You are encouraged to try anyway. If you find a mistake or want to do some additions, please edit this table or write to the mailing list.

Name Status Notes
babel OK Fully supported, including "localedata" external data files (automatically handled).
chardet OK
ctypes OK Features/CtypesDependencySupport in PyInstaller 1.4+
cx_Oracle OK
Django OK see Recipe Executable From Django
docutils OK
ElementTree OK
Filelike OK
gadfly OK
Greenlet OK
idlelib OK
inspyred OK
IPython OK
Kivy OK
lxml OK
Mako OK
matplotlib OK Fully supported, including external data files (automatically packaged by PyInstaller).
numpy OK
paste OK
Pillow OK
psycopg2 OK
pyenchant OK Windows only
pyexpat OK
PyGame OK
pygments OK
PyGObject (GTK3/GStreamer) OK Some use cases may require using develop branch
pyodbc OK
PyOpenGL 2.x OK
PyOpenGL 3.x OK
PyQt4 OK Full support, including plugins. See Recipe PyQt4 API Version
PyQt5 OK Full support, including plugins.
PyQwt 5 OK
PySerial OK
Python for .NET OK Reported to work correctly with 2.0.
PySide partial Qt plugins are not handled.
pandas OK
pytz OK
PyWin32 OK
pywinauto OK
pywintypes OK
requests OK
SciPy OK
setuptools OK
sphinx OK
SQLAlchemy OK
wxPython OK Remember to use windowed mode to get correct theming.
obfsproxy OK Works with PyInstaller 2.1+ developmental branch.
chatterbot erro
pyecharts erro
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