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[xunit-report] (version >= 3) stdout/sdterr duplicated when test case is marked with xfail #3491

lbrack opened this issue May 18, 2018 · 2 comments


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@lbrack lbrack commented May 18, 2018

This is a very minor issue but still. Basically when marking a test as xfail and generating an xunit report, the xunit's <system-out> and <system-err> tags are generated twice.

It is to be noted that:

  • running the same test with the --runxfail do produce the correct output.
  • I can reproduce the problem with all the 3.x versions but not with prior versions (<3)

pip list of the virtual environment you are using

$ pip list
Package        Version
-------------- -------
attrs          18.1.0
more-itertools 4.1.0
pip            10.0.1
pluggy         0.6.0
py             1.5.3
pytest         3.5.1
setuptools     39.1.0
six            1.11.0
wheel          0.31.1

pytest and operating system versions

  • python 3.6.2 (but could also be reproduced on 2.7)
  • pytest 3.5.1
  • Darwin Kernel Version 17.5.0: Fri Apr 13 19:32:32 PDT 2018;RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

Minimal example if possible

Running the following code with py.test <path> --junit-xml=xunit-report.xml

import sys
import pytest

@pytest.mark.xfail(reason="for kicks")
def test_fail():
    sys.stdout.write("XFAIL This is stdout\n")
    sys.stderr.write("XFAIL This is stderr\n")
    assert 0, "Could this be represented as an exemption"

generates the following xml (with duplicate outputs for stdout and stderr)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<testsuite errors="0" failures="0" name="pytest" skips="1" tests="1" time="0.072">
  <testcase classname="testspace.test_special_xunit" file="testspace/" line="3" name="test_fail" time="0.0023894309997558594">
<skipped message="expected test failure">for kicks</skipped>
<system-out>XFAIL This is stdout</system-out>
<system-err>XFAIL This is stderr</system-err>
<system-out>XFAIL This is stdout</system-out>
<system-err>XFAIL This is stderr</system-err>
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@pytestbot pytestbot commented May 18, 2018 thinks possibly related issues are #3100 (Cannot dynamically mark a test as xfail), #552 (Can't mark.xfail a callable test param), #2875 (Segmentation fault in versions >=3.1.1), #1546 (When an xfail marked test passes(xpass), the report.outcome value shows as 'failed'), and #2942 (pytest >= 3.2.4 raises an exception when pytest.mark.xfail() is used as a fixture param).

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@nicoddemus nicoddemus commented May 25, 2018

Fixed in #3499

@nicoddemus nicoddemus closed this May 25, 2018
guykisel added a commit to guykisel/inline-plz that referenced this issue Jul 6, 2018
This PR updates [pytest]( from **3.5.1** to **3.6.3**.

   ### 3.6.2

Bug Fixes

- Fix regression in ``Node.add_marker`` by extracting the mark object of a
  ``MarkDecorator``. (`3555

- Warnings without ``location`` were reported as ``None``. This is corrected to
  now report ``&lt;undetermined location&gt;``. (`3563

- Continue to call finalizers in the stack when a finalizer in a former scope
  raises an exception. (`3569

- Fix encoding error with `print` statements in doctests (`3583

Improved Documentation

- Add documentation for the ``--strict`` flag. (`3549

Trivial/Internal Changes

- Update old quotation style to parens in fixture.rst documentation. (`3525

- Improve display of hint about ``--fulltrace`` with ``KeyboardInterrupt``.
  (`3545 &lt;;`_)

- pytest&#39;s testsuite is no longer runnable through ``python test`` --
  instead invoke ``pytest`` or ``tox`` directly. (`3552

- Fix typo in documentation (`3567
   ### 3.6.1

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where stdout and stderr were logged twice by junitxml when a test
  was marked xfail. (`3491

- Fix ``usefixtures`` mark applyed to unittest tests by correctly instantiating
  ``FixtureInfo``. (`3498

- Fix assertion rewriter compatibility with libraries that monkey patch
  ``file`` objects. (`3503

Improved Documentation

- Added a section on how to use fixtures as factories to the fixture
  documentation. (`3461 &lt;;`_)

Trivial/Internal Changes

- Enable caching for pip/pre-commit in order to reduce build time on
  travis/appveyor. (`3502

- Switch pytest to the src/ layout as we already suggested it for good practice
  - now we implement it as well. (`3513

- Fix if in tests to support 3.7.0b5, where a docstring handling in AST got
  reverted. (`3530 &lt;;`_)

- Remove some python2.5 compatibility code. (`3529
   ### 3.6.0


- Revamp the internals of the ``pytest.mark`` implementation with correct per
  node handling which fixes a number of long standing bugs caused by the old
  design. This introduces new ``Node.iter_markers(name)`` and
  ``Node.get_closest_mark(name)`` APIs. Users are **strongly encouraged** to
  read the `reasons for the revamp in the docs
  or jump over to details about `updating existing code to use the new APIs
  &lt;;`_. (`3317

- Now when ``pytest.fixture`` is applied more than once to the same function a
  ``ValueError`` is raised. This buggy behavior would cause surprising problems
  and if was working for a test suite it was mostly by accident. (`2334

- Support for Python 3.7&#39;s builtin ``breakpoint()`` method, see `Using the
  builtin breakpoint function
  &lt;;`_ for
  details. (`3180 &lt;;`_)

- ``monkeypatch`` now supports a ``context()`` function which acts as a context
  manager which undoes all patching done within the ``with`` block. (`3290

- The ``--pdb`` option now causes KeyboardInterrupt to enter the debugger,
  instead of stopping the test session. On python 2.7, hitting CTRL+C again
  exits the debugger. On python 3.2 and higher, use CTRL+D. (`3299

- pytest not longer changes the log level of the root logger when the
  ``log-level`` parameter has greater numeric value than that of the level of
  the root logger, which makes it play better with custom logging configuration
  in user code. (`3307 &lt;;`_)

Bug Fixes

- A rare race-condition which might result in corrupted ``.pyc`` files on
  Windows has been hopefully solved. (`3008

- Also use iter_marker for discovering the marks applying for marker
  expressions from the cli to avoid the bad data from the legacy mark storage.
  (`3441 &lt;;`_)

- When showing diffs of failed assertions where the contents contain only
  whitespace, escape them using ``repr()`` first to make it easy to spot the
  differences. (`3443 &lt;;`_)

Improved Documentation

- Change documentation copyright year to a range which auto-updates itself each
  time it is published. (`3303

Trivial/Internal Changes

- ``pytest`` now depends on the `python-atomicwrites
  &lt;;`_ library. (`3008

- Update all URLs to (`3431

- Detect `pytest_` prefixed hooks using the internal plugin manager since
  ``pluggy`` is deprecating the ``implprefix`` argument to ``PluginManager``.
  (`3487 &lt;;`_)

- Import ``Mapping`` and ``Sequence`` from ``_pytest.compat`` instead of
  directly from ``collections`` in ````. Add ``Mapping``
  to ``_pytest.compat``, import it from ``collections`` on python 2, but from
  ```` on Python 3 to avoid a ``DeprecationWarning`` on Python
  3.7 or newer. (`3497 &lt;;`_)


  - PyPI:
  - Changelog:
  - Repo:
  - Homepage:
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