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Module re-write doesn't work with non dist-info based installations #6301

nehaljwani opened this issue Dec 1, 2019 · 3 comments · Fixed by #6313

Module re-write doesn't work with non dist-info based installations #6301

nehaljwani opened this issue Dec 1, 2019 · 3 comments · Fixed by #6313


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@nehaljwani nehaljwani commented Dec 1, 2019

More context behind this issue is available at: pytest-dev/pytest-mock#167


The function _iter_rewritable_modules doesn't detect modules that can be rewritten, if they are installed by a method which doesn't adopt the dist-info format.

An easy way to reproduce the problem is to: pip install pytest-mock in one environment and pip install -e 'git+' in another and compare the output for:

import importlib_metadata
from _pytest.config import _iter_rewritable_modules

for x in importlib_metadata.distributions():
  if x.metadata['Name']=='pytest-mock':
    for _file in x.files:
      print("file: {}; module_or_pkg_name: {}".format(str(_file), list(_iter_rewritable_modules([str(_file)]))))

Because of this problem, rpm maintainers are unable to run the tests for pytest-mock, since they rely on python install which creates egg-info directories.


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@nicoddemus nicoddemus commented Dec 3, 2019

Copying the output from pytest-dev/pytest-mock#167 (comment):

Output from dist-info:

file: pytest_mock-1.11.3.dev2+g1c5e8e9.d20191031.dist-info/INSTALLER; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock-1.11.3.dev2+g1c5e8e9.d20191031.dist-info/LICENSE; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock-1.11.3.dev2+g1c5e8e9.d20191031.dist-info/METADATA; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock-1.11.3.dev2+g1c5e8e9.d20191031.dist-info/RECORD; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock-1.11.3.dev2+g1c5e8e9.d20191031.dist-info/WHEEL; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock-1.11.3.dev2+g1c5e8e9.d20191031.dist-info/entry_points.txt; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock-1.11.3.dev2+g1c5e8e9.d20191031.dist-info/top_level.txt; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock/; module_or_pkg_name: ['pytest_mock'] <---------- Good!
file: pytest_mock/__pycache__/__init__.cpython-36.pyc; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock/__pycache__/_version.cpython-36.pyc; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock/__pycache__/plugin.cpython-36.pyc; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock/; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: pytest_mock/; module_or_pkg_name: []

From egg:

file: .gitignore; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: .pre-commit-config.yaml; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: CHANGELOG.rst; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: HOWTORELEASE.rst; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: LICENSE; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: README.rst; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: setup.cfg; module_or_pkg_name: []
file:; module_or_pkg_name: ['setup'] <-------- ?????????????
file: tox.ini; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: .github/FUNDING.yml; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: .github/workflows/main.yml; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: src/pytest_mock/; module_or_pkg_name: [] <-------- Hey, why u ditch me?
file: src/pytest_mock/; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: src/pytest_mock/; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: src/pytest_mock.egg-info/PKG-INFO; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: src/pytest_mock.egg-info/SOURCES.txt; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: src/pytest_mock.egg-info/dependency_links.txt; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: src/pytest_mock.egg-info/entry_points.txt; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: src/pytest_mock.egg-info/requires.txt; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: src/pytest_mock.egg-info/top_level.txt; module_or_pkg_name: []
file: tests/; module_or_pkg_name: []
nicoddemus added a commit to nicoddemus/pytest that referenced this issue Dec 3, 2019
nicoddemus added a commit to nicoddemus/pytest that referenced this issue Dec 4, 2019

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@felixonmars felixonmars commented Dec 23, 2019

The problem is present on the 4.6 maintenance branch too. I have backported the fix to 4.6.8 to fix pytest-mock's tests under Python 2.7 in Arch. Is it possible to cherry-pick the patch into 4.6 maintenance branch?

felixonmars-bot pushed a commit to felixonmars/archlinux-community that referenced this issue Dec 23, 2019
backport fix for pytest-dev/pytest#6301

git-svn-id: file:///srv/repos/svn-community/svn@539143 9fca08f4-af9d-4005-b8df-a31f2cc04f65

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@asottile asottile commented Dec 23, 2019

yep! would you like to open a PR? you can target the 4.6-maintenance branch

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