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QPS Infrastructure

QPS-Infra is a dockerized QA infrastructure solution for Test Automation. It is integrated by default with carina-core open source solution and uses jenkins as CI Tool.

  • QPS-Infra is built on top of popular docker solutions, it includes Postgres database, Zafira Reporting Tool, Jenkins Master/Slaves Nodes, Selenium Hub, SonarQube, Rabbitmq, etc.

  • All components are deployed under NGINX WebServer which can be configured in fully secured environment

  • QPS-Infra and its subcomponents all together can be used as effective Test Automation infrastructure for test automation development, execution, managing, etc.

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Software prerequisites

Initial setup

  • Update ./nginx/conf.d/default.conf file by replacing with real server_name or IP address. Also specify valid resolver host(s)
  • Update ./variables.env file by replacing with real server_name or IP address
  • Optional: update default credentials if neccessary
  • Optional: adjust docker-compose.yml file by removing unused services. By default it contains: nginx, postgres, zafira, jenkins-master, jenkins-slave, selenium hub, sonarqube, rabbitmq
  • Update username, password in definitions.json for RabbitMQ if you are not using default qpsdemo/qpsdemo user

Services start/stop/restart

  • Use ./ script to stop everything
  • User ./ to start all containers

Env details


Code - Apache Software License v2.0

Documentation and Site - Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License