Quantitative Insights Into Microbial Ecology


configuration files to be used with the qiime-deploy packages

Updated Jul 17, 2016

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The goal of this project is to produce an estimator for runtime and memory consumption: (runtime, memory) = f(script_name, number_of_observations, number_of_samples, sparsity). This estimator will be based off of empirical results from standard test data sets (to be created, described below) and validated with real world datasets. Once in place,…

Updated Jun 19, 2016


A reference set of ITS OTUs derived from UNITE for use with QIIME

Updated Jun 15, 2016

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Support files for the QIIME continuous integration system.

Updated May 2, 2016

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Tool to easily install QIIME's dependencies on Linux systems

Updated Oct 14, 2015


Interactive phylogenetic tree viewing software

Updated Jul 16, 2015

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Repository for QIIME/Galaxy integration code.

Updated Mar 26, 2015

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QIIME, EMP and American Gut Web Application

Updated Sep 16, 2014


Experimental support for loading and interacting with QIIME files in R.

Updated Oct 16, 2013

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A tool for the automated testing of software using cloud-based services.

Updated Jul 25, 2013

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Updated May 7, 2013

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Test input and output for QIIME scripts.

Updated Apr 3, 2013

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Temporary repo for refactoring of parallel QIIME. This code was all merged into the main QIIME svn repository on 16 July 2012 (revision 3130). This repository is now closed for commit access - all future updates should happen in the main QIIME repository.

Updated Jul 16, 2012