Diffie-Hellman key exchange through the DNS protocol
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DNSDH is a protocol for exchanging cryptographic keys using the Diffie-Hellman algorithm. Instead of exchanging keys traditionally, the clients speak to a bogus DNS server to initiate an encrypted session in an existing channel of communication. The cryptographically relevant packets travel through a data path that appear to be normal domain name resolve queries to remain stealth and effective even behind limited and surveillanced networks. Please understand that the DNS server is only pretending to be a server for performing name lookups by using its language but performing different tasks.

The bogus DNS server is the center of the key exchange. It uses memcached to store data in memory and deletes any output after it’s been delivered to its recipient. The point of DNSDH is to establish a reliable network enabling anything that can perform a DNS request to exchange cryptographic keys using discrete bogus domain name queries. The nodes communicating, Alice and Bob, could possibly be two cellphones, IRC clients or even death stars. It’s also a great blast to teasingly merge cryptographic key exchanges with traffic that is rarely looked at by network administrators unless they want to censor or monitor you.


In different terminals:

  • perl dnsdhd.pl

  • $ perl client.example.pl 1338 1337
  • $ perl client.example.pl 1337 1338 init

Example flow

  • ALICE:
    • Declare p, g, alice_private
    • alice_public = g^alice_private mod p
    • $ dig @ A dnsdhinit.p.g.alice_public
  • DNS:
    • sessionid.699659
  • ALICE:
    • ->BOB DNSDH_INIT: 699659
  • BOB:
    • $ dig @ A sessionid.699659
  • DNS:
    • p.g.alice_public
  • BOB:
    • Declare bob_private
    • bob_public = g^bob_private mod p
    • shared_secret = alice_public^bob_private mod p
    • $ dig @ A dnsdhinit.bob_public
  • DNS:
    • sessionid.800565
  • BOB:
    • ->ALICE DNSDH_FINISH: 800565
  • ALICE:
    • $ dig sessionid.800565
  • DNS:
    • bob_public
  • ALICE:
    • shared_secret = bob_public^alice_secret mod p