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Browser extension to browse bookmarks and create notes in QOwnNotes


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QOwnNotes Web Companion browser extension

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Chrome / Firefox browser extension to interact with the note-taking desktop application QOwnNotes for managing bookmarks and act as a web-clipper.

QOwnNotes is the open source (GPL) plain-text file Markdown note-taking application for GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows, that (optionally) works together with the notes application of ownCloud or Nextcloud.

The extension is currently tested for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


  • managing bookmarks with QOwnNotes notes
    • you can browse your QOwnNotes bookmarks
    • you can search for bookmarks and filter them by tag
    • you can add new bookmarks from the current tab or all tabs
    • you can add open all bookmarks in tabs
    • you can import your browser bookmarks to QOwnNotes
    • for more information about the bookmarks feature please visit QOwnNotes Web Companion browser extension
  • creating a new note (only text) from the current selection by right-clicking it
    • this is scriptable in QOwnNotes
  • creating a new note from the content of the current web page by right-clicking on the page
    • the HTML will be converted to Markdown and images of the page will be downloaded (might take a while)
    • this is scriptable in QOwnNotes
  • creating a new note with a screenshot of the visible part of the current webpage by right-clicking on the page
  • you can change the server socket port in the extension Option page




Download the latest release from Releases, visit chrome://extensions/ (for Chrome) and drop the extension file into your browser.

You can also use the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Add-ons page to install the extension.

To use this extension QOwnNotes needs to be running.



  • use Ctrl + B to open the bookmarks popup


  • use Ctrl + Alt + B to open the bookmarks popup

Access keys

Access keys in the bookmarks popup:

  • access key A to add a new bookmarks
  • access key S to search for bookmarks
  • access key O to open all visible bookmarks
  • access key T to jump to the tag selector

See Access keys for more information on how to use access keys in your browser.


  • the extension uses the tabs permission that may be interpreted as permission to Read your browsing history to be able to store bookmarks for all open tabs in a window with a single click


npm install

npm run dev-chrome
npm run dev-firefox


Material Design Icons are used for the extension icons.

Building packages