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Willow ~ WordPress Template Engine

Contributors: qlstudio
Tags: Simple, logic-less, semantic, markup, language
Requires at least: 5.0
Tested up to: 5.6
Stable tag: 2.0.6
License: GPL-2.0+

Willow ~ A logic-less template engine built for WordPress.

Willow has been designed to meet the needs of both front-end and back-end developers by providing a small, yet powerful set of tags and tools to speed up template development and prototype iteration.

Hello Willow

All Willow tags include a matching opening and closing pair, starting and ending with a curly bracket and one other internal character, as follows:

{~ ui~hello {+ Willow says <strong>{{ hello }}</strong> +} ~}

This tag calls the class ui method hello - ui->hello() - and wraps the returned data in any markup passed in the Willow argument:

class ui {

	function hello( $args = null ) {

		// define key + value to render ##
		return [
			'hello' => 'Hello'




Willow says <strong>Hello<strong>


Visit the documentation site for further details ->