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  1. madb Public

    SharpAdbClient is a .NET library that allows .NET applications to communicate with Android devices. It provides a .NET implementation of the adb protocol, giving more flexibility to the developer t…

    C# 279 102

  2. RemoteViewing is a .NET-native VNC client and server library.

    C# 190 57

  3. DiscUtils is a .NET library to read and write ISO files and Virtual Machine disk files (VHD, VDI, XVA, VMDK, etc). DiscUtils is developed in C# with no native code (or P/Invoke).

    C# 74 25

  4. Libjpeg-Turbo wrapper for .Net - Mirrored from

    C# 26 23

  5. Appium in Docker, so you can automate iOS testing on real devices

    Makefile 24 6

  6. python Public

    Samples on how to use the Quamotion WebDriver with Python.

    Python 23 4



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