qutebrowser v0.1.4

@The-Compiler The-Compiler released this Mar 19, 2015 · 12627 commits to master since this release

This is a bugfix only release.

It adds workarounds for the following privacy/security-relevant Qt bugs:

  • Stop the icon database from being created when private-browsing is set to true (d9f3566, 891bb86)
  • Disable insecure SSL ciphers (< 128bit) for Qt 5.2. (6fe8160)

Also, the following fixes are cherry-picked from master:

  • Improvements to CPU usage when idle. (a4a6099, 44dd4da)
  • Ensure there's no size for font-family settings. (f69470d)
  • Refactor websettings and save/restore defaults. (71dbdb3)
  • Remove default search engines. (6c0e470)
  • Handle URLs with double-colon at the beginning as search strings (669760e, 2322ee4)
  • Adjust prompt size hint based on content. (e8b689a)
  • Ignore RuntimeError in mouserelease_insertmode. (20c3e8d)
  • Hide Qt warning when aborting download reply. (05f5083, 4ec6183)
  • Hide "Error while shutting down tabs" message. (baa3dfd, 1251c28)
  • Clear open target in acceptNavigationRequest. (8f10a97)
  • Fix handling of signals with deleted tabs. (202b267, 2b34fbc)
  • Various small improvements to logging. (d0a0e39, bfcce19, d24360d)
  • Various improvements for hinting. (415c291, d929590, efb0828, 471e62f, f3b55d6)
  • Remove debug console completing completely. (8291090)
  • Restore sys.std* in utils.fake_io on exceptions. (a6f77d5)
  • Allow font names with integers in them. (4bad99e)
  • Fix QIODevice warnings when closing tabs. (0d1f4c0)
  • Improve parsing of faulthandler logs. (51276c6, 7dbdc1b)
  • Set the QSettings path to a config-subdirectory. (e02897e)
  • Add workaround for adblock-message without window. (ab011cd)
  • Fix searching for terms starting with a slash. (a8371d3)
  • Ignore tab key presses if they'd switch focus. (d618892)