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NEW: LeMP and syntax highlighting has been combined into a single Visual Studio extension! If you're using Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2017, just download and run LeMP_VisualStudio.vsix (be sure to uninstall any older versions first). If you're using an old version of Visual Studio, download instead and use LoycFileGeneratorForVs.exe which supports VS2008 through VS2015; v2.6.2 will probably be the last release that supports your old version. contains the Loyc library DLLs for version 2.6.2; generally it is recommended to use NuGet packages instead, but AppVeyor's automatic updating of NuGet packages is broken at the moment. The zip file also contains two installers for older versions of Visual Studio: LoycFileGeneratorForVs.exe installs the single-file generator and LoycSyntaxForVs.vsix installs syntax highlighting only.

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