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About this release

This is the second release of Qucs-S, a spin-off of Qucs with SPICE simulation kernels support. Visit http://ra3xdh.github.io/ to learn more about Qucs-S.

New features in 0.0.20

This release contains both new features and general bugfixes. Here is a changelog:

  • Added sensitivity analysis support for Xyce(DC and Transient .SENS) and Ngspice (DC and AC .SENS). See new components in Simulations group. Look at examples/ngspice and examples/xyce subdirectories for sensitivity simulation usage examples.
  • Fixed Parameter sweep with Harmonic balance simulation with Xyce
  • Add list mode for parameter sweep support with Xyce
  • Added Fowler-Nordheim diode model in AnalogueCM library (Mike Brinson)
  • Added XSPICE Code Model synthesizer. It allows to convert schematic to XSPICE compact model. See our presentation at MOS-AK event in Lausanne for more details: http://www.mos-ak.org/lausanne_2017/presentations/T03_Kuznetsov_MOS-AK_DATE_2017.pdf
  • Added user mathematical functions definitions with .FUNC See also our presentation from the Spring MOS-AK conference for usage example.
  • General bugfixes for Ngspice and Xyce. Thanks Tom Russo (@tvrusso) from Xyce team.
  • Update of the documentation on https://qucs-s-help.readthedocs.io/ (Mike Brinson)

Additional information

See also our presentation from MIXDES-2017 conference for more info about Qucs-S and its compact modelling features. You may download the Part 1 and Part2 from the ResearchGate.

Get source code and binaries

Download the source code file qucs-s-0.0.20.tar.gz and build it with cmake to try new Qucs-S.

Slackware Linux binary package could be generated using the SlackBuild: https://github.com/ra3xdh/QucsS.SlackBuild

Linux binary packages (DEB and RPM 32 and 64 bit) could be taken from the OBS-generated repositories:

Windows installer could be downloaded as zipped EXE. Use the special Ngspice build (Ngspice27_QucsS.zip archive) with QucsS. This Ngspice build has disabled GUI and enabled CMPP compiler.