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Rack::Utils.build_nested_query with integer values #557

cyx opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Not sure if this is intended behavior, but if you try to use build_nested_query like so:

Rack::Utils.build_nested_query("foo" => 1)
# => "foo"

Rack::Utils.build_nested_query("foo" => { "bar" => 1})
# => "foo[bar]"

It drops the value silently. If you think this is a bug, I can do a pull request or something. Thanks!



Right now I just use my own wrapper to avoid having values silently discarded here, but it would be great if Rack did this check in the body of the else branch:


I agree on this one, I was talking with @raggi about it. I will wait for him just in case.
Anyway you can provide a PR, it's an easy fix and probably better for James to follow.

I did an sketch fix here feel free to reuse that one if you want.



Looks fine to me.

@michaelsauter michaelsauter referenced this issue from a commit in sitepoint/the86-client
@michaelsauter michaelsauter Use build_nested_query, of course
Not quite sure why I assumed build_query would work. I guess
because the tests passed and the tests failed when I used
build_nested query. The issue then however was a bug in rack
(see rack/rack#557), for which this
commit provides a quick fix.

+1 Ended up having to do the same workaround as @michaelsauter above.



@raggi raggi closed this in c34b579
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