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Double assignment is still needed to prevent an "unused variable" warning #1589

merged 1 commit into from Feb 10, 2020


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@kamipo kamipo commented Feb 10, 2020

That warning is still raised on latest Ruby.

% bundle exec ruby -w -Itest test/spec_show_exceptions.rb test/spec_show_status.rb
/Users/kamipo/src/ warning: assigned but unused variable - path
/Users/kamipo/src/ warning: assigned but unused variable - frames
Run options: --seed 23328

# Running:


Finished in 0.240203s, 33.3052 runs/s, 374.6831 assertions/s.

8 runs, 90 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips

% bundle exec ruby -w -Itest test/spec_show_status.rb
/Users/kamipo/src/ warning: assigned but unused variable - req
/Users/kamipo/src/ warning: assigned but unused variable - detail
Run options: --seed 41036

# Running:


Finished in 0.061453s, 113.9082 runs/s, 829.9025 assertions/s.

7 runs, 51 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips


That warning is still raised on latest Ruby.
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Thanks for this I will check it.

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This is because of ERB and using binding.

Maybe another solution is to pass a hash of the relevant variables into ERB.

I don't know a lot about ERB, but this is the approach I use in Trenni (similar to ERB) in my own projects.

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kamipo commented Feb 10, 2020

I already tried that, ERB#result_with_hash which is introduced at Ruby 2.5 uses TOPLEVEL_BINDING, but in this case we need to use local binding object to use h helper in the ERB template.

@ioquatix ioquatix merged commit 3d7a634 into rack:master Feb 10, 2020
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@mame do you have any suggestions about how we can improve this?

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I've merged this because I agree we don't want warnings. But maybe there is a better way.

@kamipo kamipo deleted the double_assignment_is_still_needed branch February 10, 2020 11:37
@ioquatix ioquatix added this to the v2.2.2 milestone Feb 10, 2020
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mame commented Feb 11, 2020


@nobu What do you think?

netbsd-srcmastr pushed a commit to NetBSD/pkgsrc that referenced this pull request Mar 20, 2020
Update ruby-rack to 2.2.2.

## [2.2.2] - 2020-02-11

### Fixed

- Fix incorrect `Rack::Request#host` value. ([#1591](rack/rack#1591), [@ioquatix](
- Revert `Rack::Handler::Thin` implementation. ([#1583](rack/rack#1583), [@jeremyevans](
- Double assignment is still needed to prevent an "unused variable" warning. ([#1589](rack/rack#1589), [@kamipo](
- Fix to handle same_site option for session pool. ([#1587](rack/rack#1587), [@kamipo](

## [2.2.1] - 2020-02-09

### Fixed

- Rework `Rack::Request#ip` to handle empty `forwarded_for`. ([#1577](rack/rack#1577), [@ioquatix](

## [2.2.0] - 2020-02-08

### SPEC Changes

- `rack.session` request environment entry must respond to `to_hash` and return unfrozen Hash. ([@jeremyevans](
- Request environment cannot be frozen. ([@jeremyevans](
- CGI values in the request environment with non-ASCII characters must use ASCII-8BIT encoding. ([@jeremyevans](
- Improve SPEC/lint relating to SERVER_NAME, SERVER_PORT and HTTP_HOST. ([#1561](rack/rack#1561), [@ioquatix](

### Added

- `rackup` supports multiple `-r` options and will require all arguments. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Server` supports an array of paths to require for the `:require` option. ([@khotta](
- `Files` supports multipart range requests. ([@fatkodima](
- `Multipart::UploadedFile` supports an IO-like object instead of using the filesystem, using `:filename` and `:io` options. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Multipart::UploadedFile` supports keyword arguments `:path`, `:content_type`, and `:binary` in addition to positional arguments. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Static` supports a `:cascade` option for calling the app if there is no matching file. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Session::Abstract::SessionHash#dig`. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Response.[]` and `MockResponse.[]` for creating instances using status, headers, and body. ([@ioquatix](
- Convenient cache and content type methods for `Rack::Response`. ([#1555](rack/rack#1555), [@ioquatix](

### Changed

- `Request#params` no longer rescues EOFError. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Directory` uses a streaming approach, significantly improving time to first byte for large directories. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Directory` no longer includes a Parent directory link in the root directory index. ([@jeremyevans](
- `QueryParser#parse_nested_query` uses original backtrace when reraising exception with new class. ([@jeremyevans](
- `ConditionalGet` follows RFC 7232 precedence if both If-None-Match and If-Modified-Since headers are provided. ([@jeremyevans](
- `.ru` files supports the `frozen-string-literal` magic comment. ([@eregon](
- Rely on autoload to load constants instead of requiring internal files, make sure to require 'rack' and not just 'rack/...'. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Etag` will continue sending ETag even if the response should not be cached. ([@henm](
- `Request#host_with_port` no longer includes a colon for a missing or empty port. ([@AlexWayfer](
- All handlers uses keywords arguments instead of an options hash argument. ([@ioquatix](
- `Files` handling of range requests no longer return a body that supports `to_path`, to ensure range requests are handled correctly. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Multipart::Generator` only includes `Content-Length` for files with paths, and `Content-Disposition` `filename` if the `UploadedFile` instance has one. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Request#ssl?` is true for the `wss` scheme (secure websockets). ([@jeremyevans](
- `Rack::HeaderHash` is memoized by default. ([#1549](rack/rack#1549), [@ioquatix](
- `Rack::Directory` allow directory traversal inside root directory. ([#1417](rack/rack#1417), [@ThomasSevestre](
- Sort encodings by server preference. ([#1184](rack/rack#1184), [@ioquatix](, [@wjordan](
- Rework host/hostname/authority implementation in `Rack::Request`. `#host` and `#host_with_port` have been changed to correctly return IPv6 addresses formatted with square brackets, as defined by [RFC3986]( ([#1561](rack/rack#1561), [@ioquatix](
- `Rack::Builder` parsing options on first `#\` line is deprecated. ([#1574](rack/rack#1574), [@ioquatix](

### Removed

- `Directory#path` as it was not used and always returned nil. ([@jeremyevans](
- `BodyProxy#each` as it was only needed to work around a bug in Ruby <1.9.3. ([@jeremyevans](
- `URLMap::INFINITY` and `URLMap::NEGATIVE_INFINITY`, in favor of `Float::INFINITY`. ([@ch1c0t](
- Deprecation of `Rack::File`. It will be deprecated again in rack 2.2 or 3.0. ([@rafaelfranca](
- Support for Ruby 2.2 as it is well past EOL. ([@ioquatix](
- Remove `Rack::Files#response_body` as the implementation was broken. ([#1153](rack/rack#1153), [@ioquatix](
- Remove `SERVER_ADDR` which was never part of the original SPEC. ([#1573](rack/rack#1573), [@ioquatix](

### Fixed

- `Directory` correctly handles root paths containing glob metacharacters. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Cascade` uses a new response object for each call if initialized with no apps. ([@jeremyevans](
- `BodyProxy` correctly delegates keyword arguments to the body object on Ruby 2.7+. ([@jeremyevans](
- `BodyProxy#method` correctly handles methods delegated to the body object. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Request#host` and `Request#host_with_port` handle IPv6 addresses correctly. ([@AlexWayfer](
- `Lint` checks when response hijacking that `rack.hijack` is called with a valid object. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Response#write` correctly updates `Content-Length` if initialized with a body. ([@jeremyevans](
- `CommonLogger` includes `SCRIPT_NAME` when logging. ([@Erol](
- `Utils.parse_nested_query` correctly handles empty queries, using an empty instance of the params class instead of a hash. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Directory` correctly escapes paths in links. ([@yous](
- `Request#delete_cookie` and related `Utils` methods handle `:domain` and `:path` options in same call. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Request#delete_cookie` and related `Utils` methods do an exact match on `:domain` and `:path` options. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Static` no longer adds headers when a gzipped file request has a 304 response. ([@chooh](
- `ContentLength` sets `Content-Length` response header even for bodies not responding to `to_ary`. ([@jeremyevans](
- Thin handler supports options passed directly to `Thin::Controllers::Controller`. ([@jeremyevans](
- WEBrick handler no longer ignores `:BindAddress` option. ([@jeremyevans](
- `ShowExceptions` handles invalid POST data. ([@jeremyevans](
- Basic authentication requires a password, even if the password is empty. ([@jeremyevans](
- `Lint` checks response is array with 3 elements, per SPEC. ([@jeremyevans](
- Support for using `:SSLEnable` option when using WEBrick handler. (Gregor Melhorn)
- Close response body after buffering it when buffering. ([@ioquatix](
- Only accept `;` as delimiter when parsing cookies. ([@mrageh](
- `Utils::HeaderHash#clear` clears the name mapping as well. ([@raxoft](
- Support for passing `nil` ``, which notably fixes Rails' current `ActiveStorage::FileServer` implementation. ([@ioquatix](

### Documentation

- CHANGELOG updates. ([@Aupajo](
- Added [CONTRIBUTING]( ([@dblock](

## [2.1.2] - 2020-01-27

- Fix multipart parser for some files to prevent denial of service ([@aiomaster](
- Fix `Rack::Builder#use` with keyword arguments ([@kamipo](
- Skip deflating in Rack::Deflater if Content-Length is 0 ([@jeremyevans](
- Remove `SessionHash#transform_keys`, no longer needed ([@pavel](
- Add to_hash to wrap Hash and Session classes ([@oleh-demyanyuk](
- Handle case where session id key is requested but missing ([@jeremyevans](

## [2.1.1] - 2020-01-12

- Remove `Rack::Chunked` from `Rack::Server` default middleware. ([#1475](rack/rack#1475), [@ioquatix](

## 2.1.0

_Note: There are many unreleased changes in Rack (`master` is around 300 commits ahead of `2-0-stable`), and below is not an exhaustive list. If you would like to help out and document some of the unreleased changes, PRs are welcome._

### Added

- Add support for `SameSite=None` cookie value. ([@hennikul](
- Add trailer headers. ([@eileencodes](
- Add MIME Types for video streaming. ([@styd](
- Add MIME Type for WASM. ([@buildrtech](
- Add `Early Hints(103)` to status codes. ([@egtra](
- Add `Too Early(425)` to status codes. ([@y-yagi]((
- Add `Bandwidth Limit Exceeded(509)` to status codes. ([@CJKinni](
- Add method for custom `ip_filter`. ([@svcastaneda](
- Add boot-time profiling capabilities to `rackup`. ([@tenderlove](
- Add multi mapping support for `X-Accel-Mappings` header. ([@yoshuki](
- Add `sync: false` option to `Rack::Deflater`. (Eric Wong)
- Add `Builder#freeze_app` to freeze application and all middleware instances. ([@jeremyevans](
- Add API to extract cookies from `Rack::MockResponse`. ([@petercline](

### Changed

- Don't propagate nil values from middleware. ([@ioquatix](
- Lazily initialize the response body and only buffer it if required. ([@ioquatix](
- Fix deflater zlib buffer errors on empty body part. ([@felixbuenemann](
- Set `X-Accel-Redirect` to percent-encoded path. ([@diskkid](
- Remove unnecessary buffer growing when parsing multipart. ([@tainoe](
- Expand the root path in `Rack::Static` upon initialization. ([@rosenfeld](
- Make `ShowExceptions` work with binary data. ([@axyjo](
- Use buffer string when parsing multipart requests. ([@janko-m](
- Support optional UTF-8 Byte Order Mark (BOM) in ([@mikegee](
- Handle `X-Forwarded-For` with optional port. ([@dpritchett](
- Use `Time#httpdate` format for Expires, as proposed by RFC 7231. ([@nanaya](
- Make `Utils.status_code` raise an error when the status symbol is invalid instead of `500`. ([@adambutler](
- Rename `Request::SCHEME_WHITELIST` to `Request::ALLOWED_SCHEMES`.
- Make `Multipart::Parser.get_filename` accept files with `+` in their name. ([@lucaskanashiro](
- Add Falcon to the default handler fallbacks. ([@ioquatix](
- Update codebase to avoid string mutations in preparation for `frozen_string_literals`. ([@pat](
- Change `MockRequest#env_for` to rely on the input optionally responding to `#size` instead of `#length`. ([@janko](
- Rename `Rack::File` -> `Rack::Files` and add deprecation notice. ([@postmodern](

### Removed

- Remove `to_ary` from Response ([@tenderlove](
- Deprecate `Rack::Session::Memcache` in favor of `Rack::Session::Dalli` from dalli gem ([@fatkodima](

### Documentation

- Update broken example in `Session::Abstract::ID` documentation. ([tonytonyjan](
- Add Padrino to the list of frameworks implmenting Rack. ([@wikimatze](
- Remove Mongrel from the suggested server options in the help output. ([@tricknotes](
- Replace `` and `` with ``. ([@twitnithegirl](
- Backfill `` from 2.0.1 to 2.0.7 releases. ([@drenmi](

## [2.0.8] - 2019-12-08

- [[CVE-2019-16782](] Prevent timing attacks targeted at session ID lookup. BREAKING CHANGE: Session ID is now a SessionId instance instead of a String. ([@tenderlove](, [@rafaelfranca](
This was referenced Mar 17, 2021
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