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Better Less

Cross-compatible syntax highlighting for Less

Project Mission



Install better-less from Atom's Package Manager or the command-line equivalent:

$ apm install better-less

You may need to disable the language-less core package.

Sublime Text

Use Package Control and install Better Less. Alternatively, you can clone this project and put it in your Sublime Text packages directory.

TextMate 2

Clone the repository to the Bundles directory and add the .tmbundle extension:

$ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
$ git clone Better-Less.tmbundle

Alternatively, you can clone the repository and symlink to it in your Bundles directory:

$ git clone
$ ln -s Better-Less/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/Textmate/Bundles/better-less.tmbundle

Visual Studio Code

Launch VS Code Quick Open (⌘+P), paste the following command, and press enter.

ext install better-less

Recommended Color Schemes

For Sublime Text, the sublime-boxy theme and material-theme work best with all of the extended scopes.

For Visual Studio Code, the Boxy color schemes have been converted and are available here.


For the time being, I'm making changes using PackageDev to convert the YAML-tmLanguage to tmLanguage, with some extra messy steps involved when converting it for Atom (using CSON Converter. Any help, bugs, and suggestions are welcome!