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Impulse Blocker

Block distracting websites when you are browsing the web. Written using WebExtensions so it will be compatible with the future releases of Firefox.

Installation and Usage

If you want to install and use the extension please head over to here.

Simple usage guide can be found here.


If you want to build the extension yourself using the source code, follow these steps.


Make sure you have node (version 11) and npm (version 6) installed on your machine.

Then clone this repository:

git clone

Then install the dependencies using npm

npm install

If you want to build it to sideload the extension without using the Mozilla's AMO use this command.

npm run release

This will create a zip file in the web-ext-artifacts folder. This file contains everything the Firefox needs to run the extension. You can install it following instructions here and here.

Again just a reminder, you can install the extension from the official add-ons page. Simple usage instructions are here.


The extension is open for any kinds of contribution. Please note that it requires a basic knowledge about WebExtensions API and React.

After following the steps explained in the Building section above, all you have to do is run these commands in parallel.

npm run watch will start the Webpack watcher. This will immediately build the extension and create files to be loaded into the Firefox.

npm run browser will load the built files into the isolated Firefox instance and you will be able to see the changes you make immediately.


Make sure you run through these steps to make sure the extension works.

Impulse Blocker testing

Starting and stopping

  • Start the blocker with no blocked websites. It should not interfere.
  • Start blocking a website. It should be blocked.
  • Add a second website to the block list. It should also be blocked.
  • Stop the blocker. Websites should now be free to access.
  • Start the blocker again. See the websites are blocked again.


  • Pause the blocker. Websites should be free to access.
  • Cancel the pause. Websites should be blocked.
  • Pause the blocker again and restart the browser. It should still be paused.
  • Close the browser again and wait for pause period to finish. When you open the browser it should not be in pause state and websites must be blocked.
  • Add a website when the blocker is paused. It should still be paused.

Options page

  • Add website from the options page. It should be blocked.
  • Remove website from the options page. It should be now accessible.
  • Stop extension from the options page. It should stop the blocker.
  • Start the extension from the options page. It should start the blocker.
  • Tick and check options and check they have the desired effect on the popup.


Huge thanks to contributors!