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cyrusstoller opened this Issue Nov 13, 2012 · 4 comments


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It would be awesome if arel supported least and greatest.

Here's the documentation I've found for postgres and mysql.

I'd be up for trying to write a pull-request, any hints on where to start? I'm guessing that I'd need to make a new node in lib/arel/nodes as a subclass of Function or at the bottom of lib/arel/nodes/function with Sum, Max, Min, etc ...


ernie commented Nov 13, 2012

ARel already has a NamedFunction node that can be used for any functions like this -- is it not working for you?

Sorry for the late reply. I guess I could just use the NamedFunction. It's more of a convenience thing than anything else.

mikegee commented Sep 18, 2013

@cyrusstoller Does this issue need to remain open?

Not really. Thanks for checking in.

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