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Deprecated all of ActionController::Dependencies. All dependency load…

…ing is now handled from Active Support [DHH]

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1 parent 5048aa9 commit 0f956d1d6d7afc7beaa9816815b43d2f9312eddf @dhh dhh committed Sep 3, 2006
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
+* Deprecated all of ActionController::Dependencies. All dependency loading is now handled from Active Support [DHH]
* Added assert_select* for CSS selector-based testing (deprecates assert_tag) #5936 []
* radio_button_tag generates unique id attributes. #3353 [Bob Silva,]
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
require 'action_controller/flash'
require 'action_controller/filters'
require 'action_controller/layout'
-require 'action_controller/dependencies'
+require 'action_controller/deprecated_dependencies'
require 'action_controller/mime_responds'
require 'action_controller/pagination'
require 'action_controller/scaffolding'
@@ -4,43 +4,23 @@ def self.included(base)
- # Dependencies control what classes are needed for the controller to run its course. This is an alternative to doing explicit
- # +require+ statements that bring a number of benefits. It's more succinct, communicates what type of dependency we're talking about,
- # can trigger special behavior (as in the case of +observer+), and enables Rails to be clever about reloading in cached environments
- # like FCGI. Example:
- #
- # class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
- # model :account, :company, :person, :project, :category
- # helper :access_control
- # service :notifications, :billings
- # observer :project_change_observer
- # end
- #
- # Please note that a controller like ApplicationController will automatically attempt to require_dependency on a model of its
- # singuralized name and a helper of its name. If nothing is found, no error is raised. This is especially useful for concrete
- # controllers like PostController:
- #
- # class PostController < ApplicationController
- # # model :post (already required)
- # # helper :post (already required)
- # end
- #
- # Also note, that if the models follow the pattern of just 1 class per file in the form of MyClass => my_class.rb, then these
- # classes don't have to be required as Active Support will auto-require them.
+ # Deprecated module. The responsibility of loading dependencies belong with Active Support now.
module ClassMethods #:nodoc:
# Specifies a variable number of models that this controller depends on. Models are normally Active Record classes or a similar
# backend for modelling entity classes.
def model(*models)
require_dependencies(:model, models)
depend_on(:model, models)
+ deprecate :model
# Specifies a variable number of services that this controller depends on. Services are normally singletons or factories, like
# Action Mailer service or a Payment Gateway service.
def service(*services)
require_dependencies(:service, services)
depend_on(:service, services)
+ deprecate :service
# Specifies a variable number of observers that are to govern when this controller is handling actions. The observers will
# automatically have .instance called on them to make them active on assignment.
@@ -49,16 +29,19 @@ def observer(*observers)
depend_on(:observer, observers)
+ deprecate :observer
# Returns an array of symbols that specify the dependencies on a given layer. For the example at the top, calling
# <tt>ApplicationController.dependencies_on(:model)</tt> would return <tt>[:account, :company, :person, :project, :category]</tt>
def dependencies_on(layer)
+ deprecate :dependencies_on
def depend_on(layer, dependencies) #:nodoc:
write_inheritable_array("#{layer}_dependencies", dependencies)
+ deprecate :depend_on
def instantiate_observers(observers)

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