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## Rails 4.0.0 (unreleased) ##
-* ActiveSupport::JSON::Variable is deprecated. Define your own #as_json and #encode_json methods
- for custom JSON string literals. *Erich Menge*
-* Add String#indent. *fxn & Ace Suares*
-* Inflections can now be defined per locale. `singularize` and `pluralize` accept locale as an extra argument. *David Celis*
-* `Object#try` will now return nil instead of raise a NoMethodError if the receiving object does not implement the method, but you can still get the old behavior by using the new `Object#try!` *DHH*
+* `ERB::Util.html_escape` now escapes single quotes. *Santiago Pastorino*
* `Time#change` now works with time values with offsets other than UTC or the local time zone. *Andrew White*

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