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@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ This command will install all dependencies except the MySQL and PostgreSQL Ruby
NOTE: If you would like to run the tests that use memcached, you need to ensure that you have it installed and running.
-You can use homebrew to install memcached on OSX:
+You can use [Homebrew]( to install memcached on OSX:
$ brew install memcached
@@ -210,6 +210,14 @@ FreeBSD users will have to run the following:
# pkg_add -r postgresql92-client postgresql92-server
+You can use [Homebrew]( to install MySQL and PostgreSQL on OSX:
+$ brew install mysql
+$ brew install postgresql
+Follow instructions given by [Homebrew]( to start these.
Or install them through ports (they are located under the `databases` folder).
If you run into troubles during the installation of MySQL, please see
[the MySQL documentation](
@@ -245,10 +253,15 @@ $ bundle exec rake mysql:build_databases
PostgreSQL's authentication works differently. A simple way to set up the development environment for example is to run with your development account
+This is not needed when installed via [Homebrew](
$ sudo -u postgres createuser --superuser $USER
+And for OS X (when installed via [Homebrew](
+$ createuser --superuser $USER
and then create the test databases with

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