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Add examples of AR order method's hash notation to Rails Guide [ci skip]

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@@ -524,12 +524,18 @@ To retrieve records from the database in a specific order, you can use the `orde
For example, if you're getting a set of records and want to order them in ascending order by the `created_at` field in your table:
+# OR
You could specify `ASC` or `DESC` as well:
+Client.order(created_at: :desc)
+# OR
+Client.order(created_at: :asc)
+# OR
Client.order("created_at DESC")
# OR
Client.order("created_at ASC")
@@ -538,6 +544,10 @@ Client.order("created_at ASC")
Or ordering by multiple fields:
+Client.order(orders_count: :asc, created_at: :desc)
+# OR
+Client.order(:orders_count, created_at: :desc)
+# OR
Client.order("orders_count ASC, created_at DESC")
# OR
Client.order("orders_count ASC", "created_at DESC")

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