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Make a note about script/destroy in 'script/generate scaffold' usage …


Make a note about 'script/generate scaffold' requiring a singular model name.
Remove :nodoc: for a documented method.
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commit eb007e4197d6b6513e5accda79cf7edc3d773888 1 parent 60e3786
@chuyeow chuyeow authored
4 activeresource/lib/active_resource/base.rb
@@ -288,7 +288,7 @@ def format=(mime_type_reference_or_format)
# Returns the current format, default is ActiveResource::Formats::XmlFormat.
- def format # :nodoc:
+ def format
read_inheritable_attribute("format") || ActiveResource::Formats[:xml]
@@ -812,7 +812,7 @@ def destroy
# Person.delete(guys_id)
# that_guy.exists? # => false
def exists?
- !new? && self.class.exists?(to_param, :params => prefix_options)
+ !new? && self.class.exists?(to_param, :params => prefix_options)
# A method to convert the the resource to an XML string.
14 railties/lib/rails_generator/generators/components/scaffold/USAGE
@@ -1,10 +1,11 @@
Scaffolds an entire resource, from model and migration to controller and
views, along with a full test suite. The resource is ready to use as a
- starting point for your restful, resource-oriented application.
+ starting point for your RESTful, resource-oriented application.
- Pass the name of the model, either CamelCased or under_scored, as the first
- argument, and an optional list of attribute pairs.
+ Pass the name of the model (in singular form), either CamelCased or
+ under_scored, as the first argument, and an optional list of attribute
+ pairs.
Attribute pairs are column_name:sql_type arguments specifying the
model's attributes. Timestamps are added by default, so you don't have to
@@ -13,13 +14,16 @@ Description:
You don't have to think up every attribute up front, but it helps to
sketch out a few so you can start working with the resource immediately.
- For example, `scaffold post title:string body:text published:boolean`
+ For example, 'scaffold post title:string body:text published:boolean'
gives you a model with those three attributes, a controller that handles
the create/show/update/destroy, forms to create and edit your posts, and
an index that lists them all, as well as a map.resources :posts
declaration in config/routes.rb.
+ If you want to remove all the generated files, run
+ 'script/destroy scaffold ModelName'.
- `./script/generate scaffold post` # no attributes, view will be anemic
+ `./script/generate scaffold post`
`./script/generate scaffold post title:string body:text published:boolean`
`./script/generate scaffold purchase order_id:integer amount:decimal`
13 railties/lib/rails_generator/scripts/destroy.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
module Rails::Generator::Scripts
class Destroy < Base
mandatory_options :command => :destroy
def usage_message
usage = "\nInstalled Generators\n"
@@ -15,14 +15,13 @@ def usage_message
usage << <<end_blurb
-This script will destroy all files created by the corresponding
-script/generate command. For instance, script/destroy migration CreatePost
-will delete the appropriate ###_create_post.rb file in db/migrate, while
-script/destroy scaffold Post will delete the posts controller and
+script/generate command. For instance, 'script/destroy migration CreatePost'
+will delete the appropriate XXX_create_post.rb migration file in db/migrate,
+while 'script/destroy scaffold Post' will delete the posts controller and
views, post model and migration, all associated tests, and the map.resources
:posts line in config/routes.rb.
-For instructions on finding new generators, run script/generate
+For instructions on finding new generators, run script/generate.
return usage

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