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Add support for using an ARCONFIG environment variable to specify the…

… location of the config.yml file for running the tests
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commit fb1fd61634ba39a109bdcd88f19ee05906d4c2ed 1 parent df63c99
@jonleighton jonleighton authored
22 activerecord/RUNNING_UNIT_TESTS
@@ -9,17 +9,31 @@ You can build postgres and mysql databases using the build_postgresql and build_
You can run a particular test file from the command line, e.g.
- $ ruby test/cases/base_test.rb
+ $ ruby -Itest test/cases/base_test.rb
To run a specific test:
- $ ruby test/cases/base_test.rb -n test_something_works
+ $ ruby -Itest test/cases/base_test.rb -n test_something_works
You can run with a database other than the default you set in test/config.yml, using the ARCONN
environment variable:
- $ ARCONN=postgresql ruby test/cases/base_test.rb
+ $ ARCONN=postgresql ruby -Itest test/cases/base_test.rb
You can run all the tests for a given database via rake:
- $ rake test_postgresql
+ $ rake test_mysql
+The 'rake test' task will run all the tests for mysql, mysql2, sqlite3 and postgresql.
+== Identity Map
+By default the tests run with the Identity Map turned off. But all tests should pass whether or
+not the identity map is on or off. You can turn it on using the IM env variable:
+ $ IM=true ruby -Itest test/case/base_test.rb
+== Config file
+By default, the config file is expected to be at the path test/config.yml. You can specify a
+custom location with the ARCONFIG environment variable.
11 activerecord/test/support/config.rb
@@ -10,13 +10,16 @@ def config
+ def config_file
+['ARCONFIG'] || TEST_ROOT + '/config.yml')
+ end
def read_config
- unless File.exist?(TEST_ROOT + '/config.yml')
- FileUtils.cp TEST_ROOT + '/config.example.yml', TEST_ROOT + '/config.yml'
+ unless config_file.exist?
+ FileUtils.cp TEST_ROOT + '/config.example.yml', config_file
- raw = + '/config.yml')
- erb =
+ erb =
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