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Raptorize WSGI Middleware

Fact: every WSGI app is better with a velociraptor.



You could install it yourself with pip:

$ pip install raptorizemw

Or you could add raptorizemw to the list of required packages in the setup.py file of your project.

Usage in Pyramid

Edit myapp/__init__.py and replace the return config.make_wsgi_app() line with the following:

import raptorizemw
app = config.make_wsgi_app()
app = raptorizemw.make_middleware(app)
return app

Restart your app, but watch out for raptors!

Usage in Flask

Edit yourapp.py and replace the app.run() line with the following:

import raptorizemw
app.wsgi_app = raptorizemw.make_middleware(app.wsgi_app)


Usage in TurboGears 2

Simply edit myapp/config/middleware.py and add the following to make_app(...):

# Wrap your base TurboGears 2 application with custom middleware here
import raptorizemw
app = raptorizemw.make_middleware(app)

Usage in a PasteDeploy pipeline

You can also add raptors into your PasteDeploy pipeline like so:

pipeline =

use = egg:raptorizemw
enterOn = konami-code
delayTime = 3000
random_chance = 0.25
only_on_april_1st = True


Essentially, you're able to specify raportizemw as a filter within your WSGI pipeline, and configure options accordingly as per the Configuration section below.


make_middleware(...) and RaptorizeMiddleware.__init__(...) both take a number of configuration keywords:

  • enterOn can be one of two actions: 'timer' or 'konami-code'. If 'timer' is specified, then the raptor is shown on page load. If 'konami-code', then the raptor is shown if the page-viewing user enters the sacred sequence. Default is 'timer'.
  • delayTime must be an int and is the number of milliseconds until the raptor is shown. Default is 2000.
  • random_chance must be a float between 0.0 and 1.0 representing a 'percent chance' to load the raptor. A value of 1.0 means the raptor will be injected every time; a value of 0.0 means it will never be injected; a value of 0.5 will result in a 50% chance of raptors. Default is 1.0.
  • only_on_april_1st should be a bool value that will restrict raptors only to April Fool's day. The configuration will coerce Boolean-like strings (such as t, true, y, yes, on and 1) into a suitable format if provided in this manner (such as through a text-based pipeline configuration). Default is False.

For example:

app = raptorizemw.make_middleware(

will result in 50% of pages loaded with raptors on April Fool's Day only. These raptors will only be displayed if the user also enters the konami code, and quite quickly, after only a half a second.


This WSGI-fication of the raptorize jquery plugin was written by Ralph Bean. Real credit goes to the people over at ZURB who authored the original jquery plugin.

Get the source

The code and bug tracker live over at http://github.com/ralphbean/raptorizemw. Please fork and improve!