Sorlie (2001)

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Sorlie et al. (2001) examined 85 experimental samples gathered from cDNA microarrays to identify breast carcinoma based on variations in gene expression levels. The data consist of 456 cDNA clones from 427 unique genes for 78 carcinomas, 3 benign tumors, and 4 normal tissues.

The above description is from Ramey, Sego, and Young (2012).

Sample Size Number of Features Number of Classes Disease
85 456 5 Breast Cancer

Data Source and Preprocessing

We acquired the data set from the hybridHclust package on CRAN, where the missing values were imputed with a 10-nearest neighbors method following. Because Sorlie et al. (2001) divided the data set into five subtypes based on gene expression, we considered the data set to have 5 populations.


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