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Little helper to run Rancher Lab's k3s in Docker
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k3s in docker

k3s is the lightweight Kubernetes distribution by Rancher: rancher/k3s

This repository is based on @zeerorg's zeerorg/k3s-in-docker, reimplemented in Go by @iwilltry42 in iwilltry42/k3d, which is now rancher/k3d.



You have several options there:

  • use the install script to grab the latest release:
    • wget: wget -q -O - | bash
    • curl: curl -s | bash
  • Grab a release from the release tab and install it yourself.
  • Via go: go install (Note: this will give you unreleased/bleeding-edge changes)



  1. Clone this repo, e.g. via go get -u
  2. Inside the repo run
    • 'make install-tools' to make sure required go packages are installed
  3. Inside the repo run one of the following commands
    • make build to build for your current system
    • go install to install it to your GOPATH (Note: this will give you unreleased/bleeding-edge changes)
    • make build-cross to build for all systems


Check out what you can do via k3d help

Example Workflow: Create a new cluster and use it with kubectl

  1. k3d create to create a new single-node cluster (docker container)
  2. export KUBECONFIG=$(k3d get-kubeconfig) to make kubectl to use the kubeconfig for that cluster
  3. execute some commands like kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
  4. k3d delete to delete the default cluster

What now?

Find more details under the following Links:


  1. Join the Rancher community on slack via
  2. Go to and join our channel #k3d
  3. Start chatting
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