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nadenf commented Nov 11, 2021


I would like to be able to have different names for my node to help with discovery in tools like k9s.

If I (a) create the cluster and then (b) create the nodes I can achieve this.

But if I need to create the cluster and nodes at the same time i.e. via -agents flag then this is not possible.
And some use cases e.g. per-node volumes are only possible using this approach

RothAndrew commented Oct 7, 2021

Now that the framework is in place for ephemeral E2E tests we should add more, with the goal being the eventual elimination of the GitLab-based E2E testing using the shell script.

  • Let's start making the GitHub Actions based tests required in PRs through the Branch Protection Rule in the repo settings
  • E2E tests should all run in parallel to minimize the time it takes to run them

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