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simple and lightweight CSS framework

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KNACSS is a minimalist, responsive and extensible style sheet to kick-start your HTML / CSS projects.

Designed by Alsacreations agency and used on a daily basis in production, KNACSS is not only a lightweight documented framework but also a CSS reset, adapted to every project no matter its size.

It handles basic elements, box sizing, margins, floats, simple and complex aligns, positioning, layout grids, gutters, old IE fallbacks and last but not least responsiveness, everything automagically !


There is nothing to install. It is only a CSS file you can call as usual in the head of your document with a link element:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="knacss.css" media="all">

You can also install KNACSS with Bower : bower install knacss

... Or you can also choose the KNACSS Builder :


KNACSS is a collection of ready to use styles and snippets to kick start your project. Feel free to use it as a “reset”, then make it grow to suit your needs. Take the time to read the documentation before jumping in. Indeed, KNACSS doesn’t always suit beginners’ needs since a little thing can have big consequences.

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