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This is a pure-python implementation of FinTS (formerly known as HBCI), a online-banking protocol commonly supported by German banks.

Read our documentation for more info

Maintenance Status

This project is maintained, but with limited capacity. Working on this is takes a lot of time and testing since all banks do things differently and once you move a part here, you break an unexpected one over there. Therefore: Bugs will only be fixed by me if they occur with a bank where I have an account. New features will only be developed if I need them. PRs will be merged if they either have a very low risk of breaking things elsewhere (e.g. purely adding new commands) or if I can test them. In any case, things might take a little time until I have the bandwidth to focus on them. Sorry about that :(


  • Only FinTS 3.0 is supported
  • Only PIN/TAN authentication is supported, no signature cards
  • Only the following operations are supported:
    • Fetching bank statements
    • Fetching balances
    • Fetching holdings
    • SEPA transfers and debits (only with required TAN and with specific TAN methods)
  • Supports Python 3.6+

Credits and License

This library is maintained by Raphael Michel and features major contributions by Henryk Plötz.

Further thanks for improving this library go out to: Daniel Nowak, Patrick Braune, Mathias Dalheimer, Christopher Grebs, Markus Schindler, and many more.

License: LGPL