RapidFTR streamlines and speeds up the Family Tracing and Reunification process using small handheld devices to collect information. UNICEF no longer supports RapidFTR, but please check out www.primero.org to see what RapidFTR has grown into.
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RapidFTR is an Android-based mobile application that lets aid workers collect, sort and share information about children in emergency situations. RapidFTR is specifically designed to streamline and speed up Family Tracing and Reunification efforts both in the immediate aftermath of a crisis and during ongoing recovery efforts.

RapidFTR allows for quick input of essential data about a child on a mobile phone, including a photograph, the child's age, family, health status and location information. Data is saved automatically and uploaded to a central database whenever network access becomes available. Registered aid workers will be able to create and modify entries for children in their care as well as search all existing records in order to help distressed parents find information about their missing children. Because RapidFTR is designed specifically to collect and distribute information about children, data security is extremely important.

Initial development is focused on building an API and web interface, with subsequent development of on-phone applications for multiple mobile platforms.

Find more information at the Wiki and join the google group.


RapidFTR is composed of:

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