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RapidFTR Web

This repository hosts the Web server and interface for RapidFTR. It is built using Ruby on Rails.

The wiki contains documentation for Contributors. For help as an Implementor deploying RapidFTR for an emergency, check the Guides.

About RapidFTR

RapidFTR is a mobile (Android) application and database system that lets aid workers collect and share information about children in emergency situations, so they can be reunited with their families. This process, called Family Tracing and Reunification (FTR), has so far been done using paper forms. The RapidFTR project initially came out of an ITP class called Design for UNICEF, taught by Clay Shirky. It is now in active development with help from volunteers from ThoughtWorks and the open source community.

RapidFTR as an application has both a mobile and a web interface. A mobile phone will be used by field workers to register preliminary information about the children. Additional actions can also be done through the mobile when new information is collected on the field. The web application will be used to enter additional information through further conversations with the children and share information across multiple centers.

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