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Table of contents:

Guide to customizing your HuBoard

  1. Customizing column titles
  2. Customizing column order
  3. Configuring work in progress limits
  4. Linking repositories together

# Customizing columns with GitHub labels

General overview

HuBoard relies on specially formatted labels in your project to work. HuBoard labels use the following pattern.

# - Title <= 3


'#' == index of column

'Title' == column header

'<= 3' == Work in progress limit

HuBoard's default agile configuration:

0 - Backlog

1 - Ready <= 5

2 - Working <= 3

3 - Done

Changing the order of columns

HuBoard uses the first part of the label to order the columns of your board. It tries to be as forgiving as possible when it orders your labels. An example use case is that you want to add an extra column to your HuBoard called design. You would simply add a label called 3 - Design and rename the Done label from 3 - Done to 4 - Done

Changing the name of the column

HuBoard uses what ever you put in the middle of the label as the column title. If you ever want to change the title of a column in HuBoard simply rename the label but be careful not to affect the order or the WIP limit.

Adding a WIP limit to your HuBoard.

Limited WIP (work in progress) is one of the six core practices of Kanban. Heres what it looks like if in HuBoard

wip limit

You can easily add a WIP limit to any column by adding <= # at end of your column label. It's an attempt to make it as english as possible. So a label like 2 - Working <= 4 reads, the second column on the board, titled working, allows less than or equal to 4 issues of limited work in progress.

# How to link repositories together

Add labels to your repository with the following pattern

Link <=> username/repo


Link <=> rauhryan/ghee

Reciprocal links must be present in any two repositories that are to be linked together.

For help distiguishing cards add a custom color to label and huboard will add a border to issues belonging to the linked board

Note: linked boards will aggregate milestone and label together. Milestones are aggregated by the title and must be exactly the same in order to work. Labels are aggregated by the label's name the labels name and color must match in order to work.

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