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I made this mod originally for my tiny private server to have some fun with friends. Then I thought, why not share it with others? So here it is.

Almost all individual menu items have permission support now, see config/config.ini for details. It does not require ESX and similar stuff to run and should not conflict with them.

The menu toggle key is F5 by default, but can be configured.



  • Vehicle
    • Spawn from list
    • Spawn by name
    • Autopilot (toggle)
    • TP into closest
    • TP into closest as passenger
  • Prop
    • Spawn from list
    • Spawn from list (search)
    • Clear last
    • Clear all
  • Rope
    • Equip rope gun
    • Closest ped
    • Closest vehicle
    • Closest vehicle tow
    • Closest prop
    • Free myself (use DEL key)
    • Clear last
    • Clear all
  • Companion
    • Spawn pocce
    • Spawn pet
    • Spawn custom
    • Spawn custom by name
    • Pocce passengers
  • Event
    • Pocce party
    • Play mass scenario
    • Pocce riot
    • Pocce riot (armed)
    • Ped riot
    • Ped riot (armed)
  • Skin
    • Detect nearby skins
    • Detect player skin
    • Choose from last detect
    • Choose from all
  • Upgrade
    • Back to the Future (toggle)
    • Ultrabright headlight (toggle)
    • Cargobob magnet
    • Compress vehicle
    • Anti-gravity (toggle)
    • Aircraft horn
    • Turbo Boost (toggle)
    • Turbo Brake (toggle)
    • Remote control (toggle)
    • Jesus mode (toggle)
    • Stabilizer (toggle)
  • Extra
    • Crazy ocean waves (toggle)
    • Rappel from heli
    • EMP
    • Trash ped
    • Balloons
    • Freeze position (toggle)
  • Hidden debug menu (use /pocce debug command)


Source code and zipped releases: here


  • Extract the zip archive and copy poccemod folder under your FiveM server's resources folder.
  • Add "ensure poccemod" to your server.cfg
  • Optionally: set up permissions by adding something similar to server.cfg or permissions.cfg (if you have it): add_principal identifier.steam:your_steam_hex_id group.admin add_principal identifier.steam:your_steam_hex_id group.moderator If you have vMenu set up, you probably have this already.


screenshot#1 screenshot#2 screenshot#3 screenshot#4 screenshot#5 screenshot#6 screenshot#7 screenshot#8 screenshot#9 screenshot#10 screenshot#11 screenshot#12 screenshot#13 screenshot#14 screenshot#15 screenshot#16 screenshot#17 screenshot#18 screenshot#19 screenshot#20 screenshot#21 screenshot#22 screenshot#23 screenshot#24