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A simple blog engine and static site generator written as an Azure Durable Functions code sample
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This is an Azure Functions sample that demonstrates how to build a static site generator with durable functions to take raw markup files and render them to a static Azure website:


All you need to do is upload your Markdown/Textile files to Azure storage, and they'll be rendered into a nicely formatted web site. You can even use OneDrive to do that automatically for you.

The current demo site is here (may be temporarily broken as I build this out).


This was originally part of an "ETL" blob storage processing pipeline and intended to demonstrate how to process thousands of XML/CSV files in a scalable way and insert them into a database as they were uploaded.

But the general principle behind that kind of transformation pipeline is exactly the same as a static site generator, and handling text and image content also provides opportunity to incorporate Azure Cognitive Services and other fun things, so I turned the original pipeline into something of more general interest - i.e., a fully serverless static file generator.

Incidentally, you can run this completely inside the Azure Free Tier!


This sample currently assumes you've performed the following provisioning actions via the Azure Portal:

  • Set up a NodeJS Function App (on Windows or Linux - a free tier Function App will do just fine)
  • Upgraded the associated storage account to StorageV2 (general purpose v2)
  • Enabled the Static website feature and made sure the $web container has public access enabled
  • Gone into Function App Configuration -> All Settings -> Deployment Center and activated Local Git deployment via Kudu (re-visit that pane after configuration to get the Git URL and credentials)

Contributing/Roadmap/To Do

If you feel like contributing, this is a rough roadmap/To Do list that matches what I usually need from a static file generator and some Azure-specific features that I intend to implement given time:

  • Integration with Cognitive Services
  • Higher-level integration with Application Insights
  • Update diagram
  • Add renderTableActivity to render YAML data into nice tables
  • Azure Template for automated deployment
  • List of blog posts (ordered list of everything under /blog)
  • Add auxiliary Azure storage table for metadata lookup and building page listings using page front matter
  • Handle blob deletion using EventGrid - Good first contribution!
  • Set generated blob metadata (modification time, caching, etc.) from page front matter
  • Add screenshots on how to integrate with OneDrive using Flow/Logic Apps - Good first contribution!
  • Flesh out example content/documentation and formatting tests
  • Reformat asset links (images, stylesheets, etc.)
  • Split blob storage access from rendering (renderTemplateActivity)
  • Templating
  • Image processing
  • Simple rendering
  • Sample content tree
  • Basic engine


Since Azure Functions is usually deployed with Application Insights enabled, you can do real-time monitoring and tracing, as well as per-activity metrics:


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